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United States actress (1913-1990)


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Experts Ellen Jenks (middle) of Hillfields Children's Centre flanked by Donna Reeves (left) and Mary Martin, both of Coventry Primary Care Trust, and (back) Sue Cox (left) family planning instructor, and Helen Watson, head of Hillfields Children's Centre.
Mary Martin & Nathaniel Wolfgang-Price's GREETINGS FROM CHICAGO (0764325450, $24.
The audience was filled with celebrities, including actress Mary Martin, Princess Irina Volkonsky (Rachmaninoff's daughter) and pianist Jorge Bolet.
The following statement should be attributed to Mary Martin, Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Seniors Coalition:
Look at the other greats: Ethel Merman, an ambassador in Call Me Madam and a professional sharpshooter in Annie Get Your Gun; Mary Martin, a nurse in South Pacific and a governess in The Sound of Music; Barbara Cook, a librarian in The Music Man and a sales clerk in She Loves Me.
Barrie's narrative originally appeared as a play and then as a short novel in 1904 and 1911 respectively, today's reader is probably more familiar with the 1953 Disney film, the 1960 television film starring Mary Martin, not to mention the its other, more recent cinematic reincarnations.
Flying by Foy, the specialists who helped Mary Martin and Cathy Rigby go airborne on Broadway, have come to Eugene to sprinkle pixie dust on Wendy (Teal Martin), John (Gavin Cunningham) and Michael (Alex Mentzel), the three Darling children who fly off to Never Land with Peter (Sam Rowan).
Judge Mary Martin slammed his behaviour as "frightening, absolutely frightening".
Mary Martin, pictured, from Trimley St Mary, Suffolk, was born in the United States and came to live in the UK in 1949 aged two with her British-born mo t he r.
He and his wife, Mary Martin, will move to Stratford, Ont.
The elders of the tribe assume the gods are speaking, and when they plug in the stereo (don't ask), they decide the heavens are talking to them through the voices of Ethel Merman, Mary Martin, and Carol Channing.
Stuck in the middle, too, are people like Mary Martin and Phil Damon.
1975-77 Mike Nelopovich, Arkansas 1977-78 George Stram, Maryland 1978-79 Anne Hamilton, Georgia 1979-80 Keith Garletts, Virginia 1980-81 Lucy Bartlett, New Mexico 1981-83 Vaughn Kesterson, Arkansas 1983-84 Mary Martin Koleski, Indiana 1985-86 Paul McFarland, Virginia 1987-88 Virginia Waddle, Mississippi 1988-89 Steven Sweeney, Virginia 1989-90 Phillip Cook, Virginia 1990-93 Janet Simmons, Virginia 1993-94 Mary Chandler, Mississippi 1994-95 Faye Fears, Mississippi 1995-96 Donna Rowe, Alabama
The historic NBC live special of Annie Get Your Gun starring Raitt and Mary Martin in l957, proved to be a classic of the period.
Dallas legend Larry Hagman''s mum, Mary Martin, originated the part of Maria on Broadway and became a co-producer of the film.