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sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spirits

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Mary Magdalene, in turn, pursued the peace candle as a ministry.
I end with a reading of John 20 as incorporating a source in which Mary Magdalene was seen as prophetic successor to Jesus.
In this production, William Byrne played Christ with much pathos and gentleness, Golda Rosheuvel was a sweet, well sung, Mary Magdalene and Ben Goddard's frenzied Judas was an astonishing performance.
The study provides a welcome complement to the earlier work by Helen Garth on the same topic, Saint Mary Magdalene in Medieval Literature (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1950).
But in a bid to help raise pounds 20,000 for two treble bells five per cent of the price of Mary Magdalene roses will be donated to the church.
A survey last week revealed that 60% of Da Vinci Code readers believe that Jesus had children by Mary Magdalene.
Sir Bob Geldof is thought to have led tributes to his daughter in front of a host of wellknown personalities at St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence church in the village of Davington, near Faversham in Kent.
EX-SPICE Girl Melanie C is set to play one of her toughest roles to date - Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Unlike the stories commonly told of Mary Magdalene being a whore, in this story she comes from a respected family and plays a critical role in Yeshua's life.
The highlight of the 150th anniversary celebrations at St Mary Magdalene Church in Belmont, Durham, will be a service led by the Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright.
The others are allegedly caskets that held the bones of Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene and Judah - said to be Jesus's son.
Folks want the back story on Mary Magdalene most of all: Who was she really, and what happened to her outside the pages of the gospel?
In this day of renewed interest in Mary Magdalene, Wangerin's characterization of this disciple is interesting.
Controversial 'Da Vinci Code' Depiction of Mary Magdalene Still Old-Fashioned, Focusing on Her Sexuality Rather Than Her Intellect
Marchers objected to the story's plot in which members of the Catholic Church commit murder to maintain a 2,000-year-old cover-up -- that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and that their descendants are alive today.