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a family of United States comedians consisting of four brothers with an anarchic sense of humor

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The effort seems doomed to failure, at least by the standards of anyone who is at all a Marx Bros.
Using carefully selected classic cartoons and television including COMEDY CENTRAL programming and classic films such as Abbott &Costello, the Marx Bros.
Participating eateries include Simon & Seafort's Saloon & Grill, Marx Bros.
Helmer Foley, best known as half of comedy duo the Right Size (whose "The Play What I Wrote" transferred to Broadway), packs the action with visual gags and good-humored stage business including a homage to the Marx Bros.
Other Alaska restaurants to earn this honor are Marx Bros.
Before moving from Alaska to California in 1997, he was a sommelier and wine specialist in Anchorage for six years at The Crow's Nest, Marx Bros.
U's film vault, which was damaged in the June 1 blaze, housed more than 1,000 prints, including many of U's classic horror movies, and films from directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Ernst Lubitsch and Preston Sturges, as well as early Marx Bros.