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a United States program of economic aid for the reconstruction of Europe (1948-1952)

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The Marshall Plan for Talent is about recognizing that the old models need to evolve to keep up with where the world is going.
This presents any contemporary Marshall Plan with a big dilemma.
In 1947, Marshall announced the European Recovery Program, later called the Marshall Plan, which sought to increase industrial and agricultural production, establish and maintain financial stability, expand foreign trade and create mechanisms for economic cooperation.
Marshall, the US statesman after whom the Marshall Plan was named, "was convinced that good trade and a strong economy in Europe is good for American companies too".
n The Marshall Plan reflected a domestic political compact to address a crisis overseas.
The HPR Speaker urged EP's Schulz, while on a visit to Tunisia last February 8, to support the process of democratic transition through the adoption of a coherent programme like Marshall Plan.
We need a Marshall Plan to steer us through these difficult times.
Excerpted from an MIT commencement address by Frank Stanton, who was president of CBS from 1946 to 1971-It was published in the July 1961 issue of Technology Review under the headline "An Educational Marshall Plan.
He added, "The call for the participation of the international community in the reconstruction of liberated cities in Iraq could be along the lines of the Marshall Plan, which adopted to the reconstruction of Europe after World War II," pointing out that" this call mainly relate to the role played by Iraq in response to the aggression of Daash on behalf of the world.
That is why a modern version of the Marshall Plan is needed.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel: politically, it would be smart if Merkel were to take the initiative in proposing a modern version of the Marshall Plan for Europe, rather than being forced into piecemeal, reluctant concessions by new governments in Greece, Spain, or elsewhere.
What the whole region needs, rather, is a Marshall Plan like the original, which brought war-torn Europe out of devastation and into peace and prosperity.
Oman has also been the recipient of $10mn of development aid as part of the GCC Marshall Plan.
He suggests that this Marshall Plan be built on the three interdependent 'pillars' of development: policy reform and a commitment to the rule of law; investment in infrastructure; and commitment to developing Africa's manufacturing and processing industries.
Part 2: Progress and Challenge" provides an update on the nation's shared efforts to implement the Civic Marshall Plan to reach the goal of at least a 90 percent high school graduation rate for the Class of 2020 and all classes that follow.