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stocky coarse-furred burrowing rodent with a short bushy tail found throughout the northern hemisphere

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It must be noted that marmots are not nearly as inherently social as humans generally are.
Yellow-bellied marmots like me make our homes in the mountains of the western United States and Canada.
The man was believed to have caught the infection after contact with a marmot.
People who are obsessed with woodchucks and marmots are called marmotophiles .
Himalayan ibex (Capra ibex sibirica), markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri), Kashmir marmot (Marmota caudata) and pika (Pica royleana), was made to identify the prey items.
Amanda Lea, a former UCLA honours student, spent two summers observing the marmots for four hours a day and analyzing their behavior - from far enough away not to affect it.
Since the summers have become longer, marmots have had more time to do all these things and grow before the upcoming winter, so they are more likely to succeed and survive.
marmot population is estimated to be just over 50 animals.
The blunders and wonders of field work are recounted in 38 tales edited by Jennifer Bove, in which an Alaskan mountain goat perches in a ship's galley and marmots eat through car engine wires.
Plague-infected marmots are more easily captured by hunters.
Marmots look like woodchucks training to become sumo wrestlers.
Dan Blumstein of the University of California, Los Angeles, who has studied alarm calls in marmots, praises the careful design of the chickadee experiments, which he calls a compelling demonstration of complex communication among birds.
Mountain marmots are always on the lookout for danger.
Children can now see how prairie marmots live by climbing through a series of tunnels and popping their heads above ground into a viewing bubble - right in the middle of the marmot enclosure.
Some 200 marmots do this every year, damaging 20 to 40 cars," says U.