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an inland sea in northwestern Turkey

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SOUTH LEBANON: In 1836, when Italian General Alessandro La Marmora formed the Bersaglieri to serve as an elite, highly mobile fighting unit in his army, the general could hardly have imagined the role they would one day play on the far side of the Mediterranean.
Pour repondre a cette demiere question, nous nous baserons de maniere importante sur l'information ethnographique recueillie de la recherche menee sur les devots d'un emplacement situe a Marmora en Ontario, ou de nombreuses apparitions de Marie ont ete rapportees durant la periode post-conciliaire.
Chalk one more up for the godsquad, and if you're willing, send a buck to: 11 Redwish Aye, Marmora, NJ 08223.
Downie also ranges toward unconventional places of pilgrimage -- a farm in Marmora, Ont.
Bellville, Kingston, Marmora, Trenton, PEC, London, Sarnia.
There is more big-race talk after Woodsome (Tommy Fairhurst/Ernie Johnson) takes the two-year-old fillies' race from Marmora Bay (Ian Balding/Joe Mercer).
Among the more important may be cited Raniero Gnoli's Marmora romana (Rome, 1971: 2d ed.
Obsidian beds in the Monte Arci volcanic complex were first described by della Marmora (1839-40) and later by Washington (1913); in a comprehensive survey of the Monte Arci zone, Puxeddu (1958) found 246 locations with obsidian, including four which he classified as sources, in a zone of c.
This is the second straight spring that has seen the Marmora, Ont.
The Grand Trunk linked Belleville and the Quinte region with major cities east and west and provided employment for many of its residents but it was felt that the key to the city's future was the building of a line to the north that would not only tap the products of the forest but develop the iron ore mines at Marmora and provide Belleville with a direct connection to the Canadian west.
He will be sadly missed by his five children: Kathleen Mobed and husband Sirouss of Clermont, FL, Mary Ellen Colbert-Smith of Niagara Falls, Canada, Susan D'Agostino of Marmora, NJ, Robert E.
Per giunta, la condotta della guerra da parte dei generali italiani, Alfonso La Marmora ed Enrico Cialdini, avrebbe poi esacerbato i dissapori interni, ed evidenziato la mancanza di unita nell'esercito italiano: cosi, una lotta che avrebbe dovuto riunire la nazione, ne svelava invece le profonde idiosincrasie, soprattutto nell'esclusione delle classi piu povere da questo processo di liberazione dei territori ancora irredenti.
Regions with the highest probable wind speeds at heights of 50m are found in the Aegean, Marmora and Eastern Mediterranean Regions, as well as mountainous regions of central Anatolia.
Desi Victor Emanuel al II-lea a fost convins sa accepte conditiile armistitiului, Cavour si-a prezentat, furios si plin de amaraciune, demisia, iar sarcina formarii unui nou guvern a fost incredintata de rege lui La Marmora (19).
For several days it roamed around the Sea of Marmora looking for ships large enough to torpedo.