Christopher Marlowe

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English poet and playwright who introduced blank verse as a form of dramatic expression


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Noting the widespread concerns in the 1580s over "the discordance of society and desire for a move towards unity" (3), Duxfield argues that Marlovian drama explores such anxieties but does so in tension with his more typically noted emphasis on expansion, renegotiating and undercutting any attempt at reduction via the sheer ambiguity of the plays (1).
An understanding of the common definition of "stereotype" and the variant meanings of the word's constituent elements is key to the following critique of the Shakespeare Theatre Company's (STC's) recent revival of two Marlovian masterpieces.
Instead I will devote the remainder of this brief meditation to a surmise as to why the Oxfordians, Marlovians, and Baconians cannot cease to try to badger the rest of us.
Unlike Marlovians and Oxfordians, who can claim that the extant writings of their candidate predate those written as Shakespeare, Tassinari doesn't have that luxury.
Most Shakespeareans will be struck by the novelty of some of McCarthy's "supposes," and may be reminded of Oxfordians' desperate desire to show that all of Shakespeare's plays were written before Oxford's death in 1604, or of Marlovians for whom their poet remained secretly alive, even (maybe) living with the Countess of Pembroke at Wilton.