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Synonyms for marksman



Synonyms for marksman

someone skilled in shooting

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Marksmen have been told to shoot at least 21,797 badgers in seven English counties.
Two Martin Bell finishes and a Joe Calder strike enabled Springhill to beat Craster Rovers, whose marksmen were Richard Stanwix and Glen Robson.
The Karni Singh ranges should give us the home advantage and all the marksmen who have not yet qualified for Rio are hoping to peak at this event," said Raninder, a keen shotgun marksman even today.
PC Haygarth said the rifles used by police marksmen had telescopic sites for night vision.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Ashman, who led the operation to bring in Moat after the killer went on the run, took the decision to allow marksmen to fire XREP rounds - which have a greater range than conventional Tasers - despite a code of practice banning unauthorised weapons.
Shooters improved and match-grade versions were developed with the courses modified to further challenge marksmen and test new ideas, allowing improvements for current-issue service weapons and other firearms.
Summary: Police marksmen could be charged over the shooting of Mark Saunders after the CPS was asked to look at the case.
Since then, the global war on terrorism has underscored the need for designated marksmen, but further development of the three elements of the designated marksman requirement--material, training, and tactics--have been fitful.
Shaikh Ahmad goes into action at 5am (UAE time) in the qualifying round where marksmen use a shotgun to shoot a clay disk flung from the shooter at high speed.
The sister of a barrister shot dead by police marksmen yesterday won permission to bring a High Court challenge over the handling of the Independent Police Complaints Commission's investigation into her brother's death.
AN ARMED man shot dead by police marksmen yesterday had apparently been trying to commit suicide.
Think 'sniper' and one usually thinks of 20th century marksmen--but SNIPER is more than a survey of modern military strategy; it covers military marksmanship history in America from Revolutionary War days to modern times, considering the first usage of marksmen and their strategic evolution.
They have become the first members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps to qualify as regional marksmen.
A FARMER whose young cow was shot dead by police marksmen after it ran amok on a golf course is threatening to sue the force for compensation.