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English ballet dancer (born in 1910)

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Caption: Sir Frederick Ashton looks on as Dame Ninette de Valois embraces Markova after a performance.
In their earlier work, Collaborative Intelligence, Markova and McArthur presented their concepts about Mind Patterns and Thinking Talents.
Currently, Markova says, machine-generated content is being widely used by blogs and news aggregators.
Cum se naste si se dezvolta o idee: dialog intre Serge Moscovici si Ivana Markova // S.
There he danced with Alicia Markova, with whom he founded the Markova-Dolin Ballet and the London Festival Ballet.
In 2008, a Columbia student named Masha Markova, who met the actress at a private birthday party at 1OAK, also accused Lohan of stealing her blond mink coat worth $11,000.
Among his dance partners were Alicia Markova, Moira Shearer, and perhaps most notably, Alexandra Danilova.
Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki sent a letter to the Greek foreign minister a few days ago, asking that a border crossing be opened between the two countries at Markova Noga-German.
Among his many ballet partners were Alicia Markova, Irina Baronova, Agnes de Mille, Ruthanna Boris, Yvette Chauvire, Moira Shearer, Rosella Hightower, Maria Tallchief, Tamara Toumanova, and Alicia Alonso.
Last week she paid an out-of-court settlement to clubber Masha Markova who sued the Hollywood star for allegedly stealing her pounds 6,000 mink coat during a night out at a New York club.
A second woman claims the actress stole her stuff days after New Yorker Masha Markova accused her of nicking her fur coat.
She was snapped strolling out of New York's 10ak nightclub wearing the pounds 5,500 fur - to the dismay of its owner, student Masha Markova, who is suing the Mean Girls star for over pounds 5,000 for the "unauthorised three-week rental" of her coat.
I nearly killed myself lifting that 'featherweight,'" says Franklin of Markova.
Suddenly," says nonegenarian Dame Alicia Markova, "it's like something opens, and I see everything as it happened then.