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Successful TV marketers know that getting the viewer to actually pick up the telephone is a friction point, so they sweeten the offer just before asking the person to place an order.
E-mail is seductive for these marketers because it costs virtually nothing to send, Crosbie points out.
In January, the company launched the Utilityexchange, an online auction where buyers anonymously post their utility bid requirements for Oil and Electric, and where pre-approved energy marketers anonymously bid out their best prices.
The survey, PMAA 1993 Underground Storage Tank Status Report, revealed that the marketers, the majority of whom are small, independently owned businesses, are making substantial investments in upgrading or replacing their underground tank systems, cleaning up contaminated sites and in insuring those facilities.
Its Affinium[R] software suite uniquely enables marketers to analyze and act on customer cross-channel behavior easily and efficiently.
If 2004 was the year of online search, 2005 will be the year marketers are rediscovering direct mail.
Virtually all independent petroleum marketers are family-owned businesses.
Game publishers also benefit from Unicast's extensive reach in the interactive marketing space, and can leverage the company's existing relationships with marketers and agencies to help grow their in-game revenues.
Some consumer marketers have chosen to simply ignore it.
Substantial and undeniable evidence exists that over the past two years integrated refiners have exercised, and to this day continue to exercise, their enormous market power in a manner which renders the superior operating efficiencies of independent marketers irrelevant to competition," said Robert D.
The savvy search marketers will mark their calendars for Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York, which today announced the agenda for the April 10-13 conference.
WASHINGTON, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Petroleum marketers continue their progress in complying with the Environmental Protection Agency's comprehensive underground storage tank (UST) regulations, but major problems still loom, primarily in the areas of remediation and in obtaining financing for tank replacements and upgrades, according to the results of a survey just released by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA).
Revcube Works Across All Online Channels and Delivers Strategic Insights to Marketers to Drive Better Decisions and Attract High Quality Customers
Since our acquisition of Sane Solutions and our subsequent launch of Affinium NetInsight, Unica has been squarely focused on helping marketers get the most value out of their web and customer data.
SEM-in-a-Box[TM] Enables Marketers to Save Time, Save Money, and Take Control of Paid Search