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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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Therefore, the KSE and UBL Fund Managers Limited Bond Market Index will provide investors a suitable benchmark for performance on their Bonds investments.
Several recent studies are examining the relationship between the stock market index and macroeconomic and global variables for Poland and related countries.
With more than 100 indexes, the series is the most comprehensive family of Islamic market measures and includes regional, country, and industry indexes, all of which are subsets of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index.
The objective of the scientific work is to create the model of the impact of macroeconomic indicators on stock market index, which could enable to present a complex estimation of causality and dependence of the relation between macroeconomic indicators and stock market index during the long and the short runs.
For a market index, it involves the comparison of the most recent index level or its short (say, I day) MA with the long MA of the index.
The CRSP US Total Market Index represents nearly 100% of the investable U.
Dow Jones Zimbabwe Total Stock Market Index (USD) - 16/9/2011
Summary: Dow Jones Indexes, a leading global index provider, today announced it won two awards for its Dow Jones Islamic Market Index Family.
One yardstick is to compare the fund's return against a market index.
The Manhattan residential real estate market closed 1997 at record levels, both in the Silk Stocking index of luxury properties and the broad market index of all residential property below 96th Street, reports the year-end edition of Halstead's New York, a quarterly statistical survey of Manhattan residential real estate.
In addition to the Russell indices, First Republic is a component of the S&P Total Market Index, the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index(SM)and six Dow Jones indices.
Morocco will be downgraded from Emerging Market to Frontier Market status, mainly due to lack of liquidity, effective November, 2013; Greece will be downgraded from Developed market to Emerging Market status effective November, 2014; MSCI also confirmed it is monitoring the situation in Egypt, and particularly the availability of foreign currency, closely, and this could result in Egypt's exclusion from the Emerging Market index.
Dow jones indexes launches islamic market index for hong kong listed chinese stocks
shares of the Total Stock Market Index Fund is September 28, 2001.
TWO NEW INDEX FUNDS: The Total Equity Market Index fund and the Extended Equity Market Index fund are two new no-load offerings from T.