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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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One would like to believe that in the event of a renewed synchronized slump in the industrialized economies, the newfound dynamism of the emerging market economies would help to avert a global economic recession.
With the ability and willingness to bear risk on behalf of its clients, the bank helps their countries in the region to become open, market economies.
History has shown us that market economies around the world have succeeded and socialist economies have not.
China (NME) duties were over 20 percentage points higher than those applied to market economies, on average.
Thomas Connors will continue to oversee the Advanced Foreign Economies and Emerging Market Economies sections, as well as the Administrative Office.
Where once the focus of comparative economic studies was on a comparison between centrally-planned economies and market economies, the transformation of the former centrally-planned economies into market economies makes such studies less relevant.
Those with market economies, democratic political procedures, enforced property rights, dispute resolution, and companies that operate efficiently will hurtle ahead.
This is true both in the so-called developing world and in those nations making the transition from socialism to market economies, though in different ways.
The lessons of history are clear: market economies, not command-and-control economies with the heavy hand of government, are the best way to promote prosperity and reduce poverty.
16 with key developing and emerging market economies to discuss ways of stabilizing global financial markets, a spokesman for the German Finance Ministry said Tuesday.
The irony is that modern market economies are almost certainly much fairer than the feudal regimes they replaced.
The table also lists the MO ratios of some selected market economies for comparable years.
Rubin, the primary architect of Clintonomics these past six years, called for sweeping financial reforms both in major industrial nations such as the United States and in emerging market economies abroad.
As a possible first step to more direct exchanges, BOK Governor Chon Chol Hwan has been reported as telling journalists covering the central bank that he will try to send officials from his bank to join an education program for North Korean bank officials on market economies to be offered by China's central bank.
While over the past few years there have certainly been a number of success stories among the emerging market economies, there are still a number of emerging market economies that suffer from the same large external vulnerabilities as before.