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United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910)

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As Mark Twain, he skewered the hypocrisies, unbridled greed and social ills in general of his day, which he scornfully dubbed the Gilded Age.
Finally, Horn's chapters on "Autobiographical Material" and "Letters, Notebooks, and Speeches," the latter of which includes a separate annotated entry for each of the five volumes of Mark Twain's Letters thus far published by The Mark Twain Papers, offer a compelling list of published primary sources for the would-be Twain biographer.
Horn is aware, however, that the idea or dream of a divided self, a subliminal, supernal, demonic or angelic "other" within, was already an old literary trope when Mark Twain was a boy, and that Transcendental yearnings and determinist denials of all that had no need of William James to bring them to Twain's attention.
If the voice of Mark Twain, long recognized - especially after Ernest Hemingway's oft-quoted lines in Green Hills of Africa (1935) - as a force in shaping modern American literature, in large part derives from both the experience and the tonality of black voices, then other voices, William Faulkner's as well as Ralph Ellison's, cannot be heard or read as exemplifying segregation.
Kaplan's first book, a biography of Mark Twain entitled Mr.
Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest tried to accommodate ORVs early on with 120 miles of trails within a controlled space of 12 square miles designated as the Chadwick Recreation Area.
Animal advocacy may have never gotten to this point, however, without the help of one of America's greatest writers, Mark Twain.
The Mark Twain Circle also has a Facebook page now, offering frequent quotations and announcements, which has attracted some new members to the Circle.
Writer Mark Twain is best known for his children's adventure books and his spirited humor, but Mark Twain On Travel offers a different set of insights, gathering under one cover his travel experiences and writings and revealing his colorful encounters with characters around the world.
While sometimes difficult in style and approach, this work is valuable to readers deeply interested in Mark Twain.
In our effort to duck the truth of Mark Twain's criticism of our society, we have assigned 'cynicism' to the truths Mark Twain was telling.
lt;IR> MARK TWAIN </IR> spent his boyhood there, and his experiences provided the background for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, as well as for chapters in Life on the Mississippi.
Jon Clinch, critically-acclaimed author of Finn, enlists fellow authors to safeguard endangered Mark Twain House & Museum
Most Mark Twain scholars familiar with the oft-repeated story of James W.
Tom Quirk (Professor of English, University of Missouri-Columbia) presents Mark Twain and Human Nature, a study of the famous American author that intertwines his life story with his writings to reveal how his understanding of human nature grew and evolved.