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the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

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Most Maritimers, however, deemed socialism as a foreign idea "from away" and most of the region's clergymen fiercely rejected it.
Beer--the preferred alcoholic beverage in every province--accounts for 51% of men's annual volume, though the annual intake of Maritimers is significantly more (59%) than in any other province except Quebec (53%).
While this is not likely to happen in the near future, it is even less likely that anglophone Maritimers and Newfoundlanders will improve their perception of the Mi'kmaq, given that historically, there has been little cooperation between those cultures.
FOR more than 100 years, thousands of Middle Eastern maritimers came to South Shields to work in the Tyne's shipbuilding industry.
In the end, it's the consumer who suffers, but until provinces are prepared to consider privatizing the liquor industry completely, let's hope silly 100-year-old trade disputes don't cause Maritimers to go to pot.
The Canadians prevailed upon the Maritimers to join them in the larger and in October delegates from all the eastern British North American colonies met at Quebec to draft, in effect, a federal constitution.
Maritimers have little knowledge of the dangers involved with shipping of liquefied natural gas, which will be coming our way from countries such as Russia, Algeria, Qatar, and Trinidad.
This session provides an overview from the perspective of truckers, maritimers, airlines, and industry intermediaries.
Were they firstly Nova Scotians, New Brunswickers, Maritimers, Canadians, British colonials, or transplanted Americans?
Saxby might have added to his prediction that the great storm tide destined to immortalize him, especially in the view of many Maritimers, would coincide with the Saros (Desplanque 1974).
Through the social and intellectual pathways cut by this network, with the conspicuous influence of Maritimers, English-speaking Catholics created a counterweight to the francophone dominated Quebec church, perhaps giving body to Bishop John Cameron's quip that Catholics endeavoured to "ride the Dominion horse.
As Maritimers have a reputation for friendliness (which we experienced daily), I was surprised to receive a lukewarm greeting from the ushers, even after I communicated I was a visitor.
James Dawson of Pictou and The Harmonicon: Sacred Music for Victorian Maritimers.
Rusty Bitterman's paper on Middle River in Acadiensis (1988), for example, focusses exclusively on a Victoria County community, whereas Gary Burrill's Away: Maritimers in Massachusetts, Ontario and Alberta (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1992) concerns the three eastern provinces generally.
In terms of a sense of place, the sea has certainly exerted a profound influence on Maritimers who live along its coastline (Warkentin 2000; Bone 2002).