Maritime Provinces

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the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

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Through the social and intellectual pathways cut by this network, with the conspicuous influence of Maritimers, English-speaking Catholics created a counterweight to the francophone dominated Quebec church, perhaps giving body to Bishop John Cameron's quip that Catholics endeavoured to "ride the Dominion horse.
The others - Dux Scholar (Godolphin Mile), Bronze Cannon and Mikhail Glinka (Dubai Gold Cup), Maritimer (UAE Derby) and Green Destiny (Dubai Duty Free) - are trained in Dubai by South African Herman Brown.
Turning to the suburban Maritimer Ron James, the slow homogenisation of the North American urban landscape, with particular reference to the Americanisation of Canada, forms much of the theme of his The Road Between My Ears show.
But in recent years, there's been an explosion of European green crab in the nets of Maritimer fishermen, mountain pine beetles are destroying British Columbia forests, the emerald ash borer beetle is chewing up trees in southern Ontario, and monstrous Asian silver carp in the Illinois River are threatening the Great Lakes.
Myths of authenticity, then, tend to serve as one of the technologies of colonization that Glen Nichols gave a good account of in relation to Acadia on the final morning of the conference: the only good (or real) Maritimer (or Newfoundlander) is a dead Maritimer (or Newfoundlander)--preferably a fisherman.
Maritimer Kenneth Stright, westerners Harry Curry and Yme Woensdregt, and Ontarians Dorothy Henderson and Dorcas Gordon all served as resource people.
of New York,' then tried Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, `a sort of "betwixt and between" firm' specializing in juvenile series (including the series of boys' books written three decades earlier by fellow Maritimer, James De Mille), then Henry Holt (SJI, 331), and finally, L.
Indeed, to posit that a Maritimer with Pete's background would be so gullible as to travel to Toronto in search of such a position is to insult the intelligence of all such migrant workers within Canada.
You're a Maritimer, and no doubt were raised on beans, biscuits, and a bowl of molasses for dessert; wholesome stuff that, and good for the colon.
A Maritimer, son of a prosperous fruit wholesaler, Blakeney was dependable from the start.
One of the pre-eminent Canadian folklorists, Edith Fowke, enumerating the appearance of folktales in Canadian literature for the Literary History of Canada, published in 1965, mentions only William Kirby, who uses French-Canadian folktales in The Golden Dog (1877), Marius Barbeau's Mountain Cloud (1944), which uses Indian material, the Maritimer Thomas Chandler Haliburton's use of Yankee tales in the early nineteenth century, and the poet Pauline Johnson's use of stories from her partly aboriginal background, along with several other minor examples.
When I got back at the end of the winter 2003 my friend, a Canadian Maritimer named Dan Kelly, director of the Mine Action Program for Afghanistan, invited me to dinner with a Canadian officer who had come to discuss Canada's participation in ISAF.
In about half an hour they were completely broken up," the Maritimer, Laurence Colpitts, recorded.
This careful political economic and historical analysis shows that Canada's Maritime provinces prospered before Confederation, although that prosperity was not shared among Maritimers.
Macdonald spoke in the Confederation debates about sectional differences, noting that Maritimers, Lower Canadiens, loyalists, and Anglophones in Canada West were distinct, and that the Anglophones in Quebec were assured of representation through the retention of the electoral boundaries of Canada East for the appointed upper chamber.