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Synonyms for rape

Synonyms for rape

to compel (another) to participate in or submit to a sexual act

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for rape

Eurasian plant cultivated for its seed and as a forage crop

the act of despoiling a country in warfare

the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will

force (someone) to have sex against their will

destroy and strip of its possession

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New Delhi [India], Jan 2 ( ANI ): The Delhi high court on Tuesday will continue hearing plea seeking criminalisation of marital rape.
On the other hand, few participants agreed about the presence of marital rape which they defined as any sexual activity without the woman's consent.
However we refrain from commenting on adult marital rape as the issue is not before us," Live Law reported.
Furthermore, a rapist is also not liable for the act of rape if he is already married to the victim, since marital rape remains unrecognized in Lebanon.
Discussions about the Domestic Violence Protection Law he opposed an article prohibiting marital rape, claiming the concept did not exist in Islam and arguing it would also criminalise "rough sex" .
Probably for the first time in the history of Pakistani drama, the subject of marital rape has been discussed.
Actress Zoe Henry says it is essential that the soap pushes the boundaries to explore the issue of marital rape.
Maneka Gandhi, India's union minister for women and child development, set off a controversy when she refused to introduce a law to criminalize marital rape, sparking nationwide protests in the process.
In this case, the columnist has tried to deal with two distinct issues in one piece - marital rape (so-called) and domestic violence.
Among their topics are critical discourse analysis of a media case of violence against female migrants from Kyrgyzstan; vernacularizations of gender discourses in Kazakhstan: a micro-ethnographic view of interactions at the workplace of an international development organization; labor migration to Russia: new rules and new roles; the legal and social treatment of marital rape in Kyrgyzstan; and women and religion in post-Soviet Kazakhstan: a view from within.
One was convicted of marital rape, while another was arrested for mauling his estranged wife.
The government seems to think that such a law is unnecessary as marital rape is sanctioned by every religion in this country and we cannot adopt western standards to take away this right from brutal husbands.
Rape, marital rape, domestic violence, honor killings, dowry violence, acid attacks, forced marriage, mob violence, stalking, sexual harassment and forced prostitution are some examples of violence against women in Turkey.
According to Mitkova, the Alliance will lobby for legislation amendments to criminalise all forms of spying on the significant other and marital rape.
With this decision, the SC warned "menacing personalities" who may use its decision on marital rape "as a tool to harass innocent husbands.