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Maria Curie understands science not only as the object of her work and a means of social progress and--in this way--as a means of common profit.
Maria Curie believes that the primary and only purpose of the scientists' job is the practice of scientific activity itself.
The system of values adopted by Maria Curie had certain consequences in her life.
Maria Curie, however, sought support and the meaning of life neither at home nor in her family.
Secondly, for Maria Curie the recognition of the fact that one's work has to be useful to others leads to the belief that one has to show a commitment to social issues.
Maria Curie writes about her youth: "Yet I still believe that the [utilitarian] ideas which inspired us then, are the only way for real social progress".
Maria Curie demonstrated this in her actions as she did not expect personal profit from her research.
The recognition of utility as a value by Maria Curie implies, finally, her aversion to war and her efforts to preserve and maintain peace among nations.