Marchantia polymorpha

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a common liverwort

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and the mosses Marchantia polymorpha, Pohlia nutans, and Bryum spp.
Dicranella cerviculata + Dicranum pofysetum Hylocomium splendens + Hypogymnia phvsodes + Leptobryum pyriforme Marchantia polymorpha + Pleurozium schreberi Pohlia nutans + + + Polytrichum strictum + Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus + Sphagnum capilfifolium Sphagnum fmcum Sphagnum magelianicum Species Abandoned Viru extracted peatland C- GH, GH, part C-part, C-part, non-fert fert Betula spp.
and Marchantia polymorpha were represented in all greenhouse peat blocks but were not recorded in the extracted peatlands (Appendix 1).
montanum, Leptobryum pyriforme, Marchantia polymorpha, and Taraxacum spp.
gamma]-Tubulin localization changes from discrete polar organizers to anastral spindles and phragmoplasts in mitosis of Marchantia polymorpha L.
Synergistic cytotoxic effect of the microtubule inhibitor marchantin A from Marchantia polymorpha and the Aurora kinase inhibitor MLN8237 on breast cancer cells in vitro.
Marchantin B from the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha selectively inhibits the biosynthesis of 5-lipoxygenase products and the release of arachidonic acid in Ca2+ ionophore A23187 stimulated human granulocytes.