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Phytochromo-mediated regulation of cell division and growth during regeneration and sporeling development in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.
The horsetail Equisetum arvense mitochondria share two group I introns with the liverwort Marchantia, acquired a novel group II intron but lost intron-encoded ORFs.
As part of a random anti-plasmodial screening assay of Icelandic lower plants, the liverwort Marchantia poly-morpha was tested in an assay described by Ziegler et al.
Shibaya T, Sugawara Y (2007) Involvement of arabinogalactan proteins in the regeneration process of cultured protoplasts of Marchantia polymorpha.
Exactly the same set of small subunit ribosomal protein genes is present in Reclinomonas mitochondrial DNA as in the mitochondrial genome of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.
Destacamos la presencia de ocho taxones, nuevas aportaciones a la brioflora provincial de la Argentina: Asterella chilensis para Misiones, Marchantia chenopoda y M.
En las hepaticas, Marchantia berteroana presento el mas alto porcentaje de cobertura, seguido por Aneura pinguis, Cylindrocolea rhizantha, Riccardia regina y R.
and Marchantia polymorpha were represented in all greenhouse peat blocks but were not recorded in the extracted peatlands (Appendix 1).
Meiosis in Marchantia can best be described as oligoplastidic and intermediate between monoplastidic meiosis in Dumortiera and the polyplastidic type of the core marchantioids in which signs of polarity are lost in the polyplastidic cytoplasm but still evident in the origin of the spindle (Brown et al.
2) are the ubiquitous sesquiterpenoids found in many liverworts, Bazzania, Lepidozia, Plagiochila, Radula, Reboulia, Marchantia, Rucciocarpos, and red algae belonging to the genus Laurencia (Ceramiales, Rhodomelaceae) such as Laurencia microcladia (Asakawa, 1995; Kladi et al.
gamma]-Tubulin localization changes from discrete polar organizers to anastral spindles and phragmoplasts in mitosis of Marchantia polymorpha L.
Nees JAC 12918, 12998, 13001, 13004, 13007, 13011, 13020; JUM 3587, 3600, 4110, 4184 Marchantia chenopoda L.