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French novelist (1871-1922)


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What Marcel Proust wanted from life most of all was unconditional requited love, and the way he went after it (smothering the objects of his affection with gifts) cost him a fortune.
Cuenta Volodia Teitelboim en su biografia Neruda que "los nombres de Marcel Proust y de James Joyce" surgian en las tertulias del Hercules, El Jote y otros bares en los que se encontraba el joven Neruda con sus amigos antes de viajar a Rangun como consul.
My Marcel Proust 'Remembrance Of Things Past' moment is a thing of joy.
The relation between the French novelist Marcel Proust and the Spanish-speaking New World has been studied in only a few books.
French writer Patrick Modiano has won the Nobel Prize for Literature as "a Marcel Proust of our time," The Swedish Academy said on Thursday.
1871: Author Marcel Proust (pictured) - A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (Remembrance Of Things Past) - was born in Paris.
GUSTAVE Moreau occupe une place particuliere dans les textes de Marcel Proust.
Marcel Proust and Columbia University have a long history together.
The dimensions of time form a spiraling theme in The Fate Motif, an original anthology of free and variable verse poetry that contemplates great forces of personality such as Queen Elizabeth I, Marcel Proust, and Buster Keaton; the transcendental quality of meditation; and critical turning points in history.
Understanding Marcel Proust provides college-level students of Proust's works with a review of his development as a writer, including analysis of works published and unpublished in his lifetime, and considers his writings in light of the political and artistic milieu of his times.
Perse, Asie mineure, Constantinople/The Eight Paradises, appeared in 1908 and awarded by the French Academy, when she met Marcel Proust, who sent her a letter praising her book: You are not only a splendid writer, Princess, but a sculptor of words, a musician, a purveyor of scents, a poet.
Book Publicity Services will manage the public relations campaign for Jon Foyt's book Marcel Proust in Taos, which will be released July 2013.
Over at Bloomberg, Caroline Weber has an elegantly written story about the release of the full files, which sheds stunning light on the old case, as well as the links to French writer Marcel Proust (half-Jewish himself) and why we are only learning about some of this now.
Author Marcel Proust had his entire childhood come flooding back with one taste of a madeleine biscuit.
Marcel Proust (1871-1922) e considerado como um dos maiores escritores da literatura.