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French novelist (1871-1922)


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Quant a l'etude des pastiches, genre d'ecriture ayant un lien profond avec la creation de l'ensemble de la Recherche, nous nous appuierons specifiquement sur les travaux de Jean Milly, qui a presente une edition astucieuse sur << L'Affaire Lemoine >>, laquelle demontre assez bien l'aspect parodique et humoristique de Marcel Proust.
You could say he's a Marcel Proust of our time" Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, told reporters.
Bulletins de la societe des amis de Marcel Proust et des amis de Combray 28 (1978): 614-39.
But when I think of Elvis living, and roaming Graceland, I find myself transported like Marcel Proust in "Remembrance of Things Past.
Marcel Proust once said it's the duty of the curious mind to savour all that nature has to offer.
Among his major works as a literary critic are essays on Goethe's novel Elective Affinities; the work of Franz Kafka and Karl Kraus; translation theory; the stories of Nikolai Leskov; the work of Marcel Proust and perhaps most significantly, the poetry of Charles Baudelaire.
Book Publicity Services will manage the public relations campaign for Jon Foyt's book Marcel Proust in Taos, which will be released July 2013.
Up for discussion are Nietzsche "in illness and in health," Gertrude Stein in America, Marcel Proust and why we read him even though his "book wakes up as eagerly as a teen on Sunday.
The "mosaic" pattern is a result of the literary influence of "Recherche du temps perdu" by Marcel Proust.
The host asked Borisov to answer the blitz questionnaire of French writer Marcel Proust.
That anyone should condescend to die of cholera at the JL bidding of so insignificant a creature as the comma bacillus," wrote Marcel Proust, should not be astonishing to those in the know.
It's also a city in which you can walk in the footsteps, as I have done, of Marcel Proust (1871-1922), author of the grandest, most out-sized prose epic of them all: the seven-volume A la recherche du temps perdu or In Search of Lost Time (traditionally translated as Remembrance of Things Past).
Previous winners of the Prix Goncourt award, which is over 100 years old, include Marcel Proust, Simone de Beauvoir and Marguerite Duras.
Scott Fitzgerald, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, among others, James illuminates, rescues, or occasionally demolishes the careers of many of the greatest thinkers, humanists, musicians, artists, and philosophers of the twentieth century.
Around a half-century later, the French novelist Marcel Proust connected the senses to memory in his musings on the sensations evoked by the taste of a madeleine cookie.