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French artist who immigrated to the United States


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BEIRUT: When Dada pioneer Marcel Duchamp famously submitted a urinal to the 1917 exhibition for the Society of Independent Artists, the committee was less than amused.
A cloud of meaning--and latterly misinformation and cliche--always descends on the artist Marcel Duchamp.
3) Pierre Cabanne, Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp, Trans.
Artists such as Charles White and Marcel Duchamp had their studios here, and it has been the setting for many films and television shows, including "The Sting," "The Last Samurai," "CSI Miami," "Cold Case" and the "X-Files.
DADA" by Rudolf Kuenzli provides an descriptive analysis within an historical context, examining Dada's impact and resonance in the art and culture of this opening decade of the 21st Century from the avant-garde work of such Dada luminaries as Hugo Ball, Marcel Duchamp, many Ray, Francis Picabia, Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Hoch, Kurt Schwitter, Max Ernst, Lajos Kassak, and many others.
Damien Hirst, who exhibited a pickled shark, and Marcel Duchamp, who in 1917 exhibited a urinal, would probably have had a lot to talk about.
It is easy enough to scrawl a mustache on a reproduction of the Mona Lisa, but at the very best this 1919 Marcel Duchamp trick has become an event about art, not art itself.
Raphael created a series of portraits with a striking resemblance, and among others, dadaist Marcel Duchamp and surrealist Salvador Dali produced their mock interpretations.
00) provides a wide-ranging history and art survey of some of the top figures representing Dada art past and present, from Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst to Sophie Taeuber and lesser-knowns.
French Dada artist Marcel Duchamp was one of a group of artists who created art that ridiculed contemporary European culture and traditional art forms.
The collection includes works of such artists as Ansel Adams, Paul Cezanne, Leonardo DaVinci, Marcel Duchamp, Winslow Homer, Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Pierre Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Andy Warhol and Andrew Wyeth.
They had a pillow fight on artist Tracey Emin's controversial My bed exhibit in 1999 and used a displayed urinal by Marcel Duchamp in 2000.
Marcel Duchamp started anti-art in 1917 when he displayed a urinal.
The artwork of Marcel Duchamp presents intriguing, yet maddeningly intricate, puzzles.
Naumann, "Marcel Duchamp: A Reconciliation of Opposites," in The Definitively Unfinished Marcel Duchamp, ed.