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a city in western Morocco

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Many of hits were there - Marakesh Express was one of the highlights of the first set - but they kept the audience waiting until well into the second for the anthemic Our House and Almost Cut My Hair was tucked in right at the end.
The smoke flooded out into the wind and dropped together with the snow onto the street in Marakesh.
The visuals for a new song named Marakesh referred to both global warming and extraordinary rendition.
Until the Muslim world from Marakesh to Bangladesh behaves like Western Europe, there can be no debate on nuclear disarmament," Barak told the Yediot Ahronot daily.
A Moroccan pattern from a wall in Marakesh is applied to sleek metal barware, for example.
The hotel's Marakesh Restaurant will remain closed during Ramadan except for private and group parties.
In fact Conan in his introduction highlights one of the most striking of such rituals, in the Mellah--the Jewish quarter in Marakesh, Morocco.
Mordechai, the patriarch of the family, departed the Jewish ghetto of Marakesh in Morocco, working on a ship which he hoped would take him to the port of Marseilles.
Under normal circumstances, NESA is a Pentagon backwater, responsible primarily for arranging bilateral meetings with military counterparts from a region stretching "from Bangladesh to Marakesh.
The story behind that one is that Louie Cartier made a watch for the Pasha of Marakesh, so he could go swimming whilst wearing it.
As for the man who came second in last year's Moroccan Open at Marakesh, Poulter went one better by keeping his head to shoot a winning final-round three-under 70.
Having already relished dressing in kaftan and sandals and "exploring not only Marakesh but the internal landscape of the [Arab] Prince I was portraying," Kingsley jumped at the chance to play Shakespeare's Moor.
Now they are stunned that the authorities have given official approval to Marakesh Ltd to retain the site, even though company boss Anthony Lawlor has been prosecuted for illegal dumping.
Sneznik, the Mojave desert to the old quarters of Marakesh.