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city in southern Uzbekistan

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Settled over 2000 years ago, Marakanda (also spelled Maracanda) was the capital of the ancient Persian province of Sogdiana.
Subsequent to its capture by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC, Marakanda became a vibrant marketplace and hub for trade between Persia and Central Asia under the rule of the Arabs and Turks.
Like the historic pioneer among marketplaces from which it takes its name, Marakanda will command a leading position among the Internet marketplaces of today and in the future," says Chairman Gert Engman, who is also Group Executive Vice President and CIO of ForeningsSparbanken and is responsible for the bank's e-business business area.
Marakanda is a university town--one of three in the world that tell of Applekirk, a neighboring town where magic, dragons, and adventures abound.
Telia Internet Services comprises Telia Internet Partner AB, Telia Electronic Commerce AB, the associated company Marakanda Marknadsplats AB, which were all transferred from Business Solutions and Telia e- bolaget, Telia Stofa A/S, Jydsk Central Antenne A/S, Chili A/S and eTelia A/S, which were all transferred from People Solutions.