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hare-like rodent of the pampas of Argentina

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Countess Mara, Tiemaker, Introduced Lines for Fall.
Visitors have access to unobstructed views of the Mara Plains and the Ntiakitiak River.
Apart from the nudity on screen and the looks, one interview done by Mara had people asking if it was "Fifty Shades" Mara was referring to.
Wateen selected MARA Systems as its vendor after an evaluation process that analysed customer satisfaction, presales and post sales support capabilities, and other critical factors that would help Wateen serve its customers better and improve business performance.
It was like I couldn't imagine what I would be doing if I wasn't doing that," says Mara.
Mara and Tyson Swartout said they and Angelica were among the adoptive and foster children living with RuthAnne and Dennis Swartout in a converted church on 21st Street.
Mara was also asked to get drunk before a meeting to convince Sony that she could ably play the dark lead in the highly anticipated film.
Mara then moved to California, got married and had two children.
She is survived by her husband, Martin Mara, her son, Kevin Mara and his wife Molly of Williston; daughter, Janet Mara of Montpelier; daughter, Jennifer Moore and her husband Michael Moore of South Burlington; her brothers, Edward Lynn Jr, and Stephen Lynn, both of Poughkeepsie; four grandchildren, Caty Mara, Patrick Mara, Ethan Moore and Eric Moore.
A Daily News photographer went to the home of Mara Pearson and took pictures of her Halloween-themed home.
MY SON, MATT, and Mara Sheintal knew each other during high school, when Matt's younger sister, Kate, and Mara's younger sister, Liana, were good friends; but it wasn't until they ran into each other over Thanksgiving vacation four years ago that sparks started to fly.
The full name of the gang is Mara Salvatrucha, and it was formed by elements of the communist guerrilla forces that fought a civil war against the Salvadoran government in the 1980s.
This represents the "last yard of the last mile" in finance, said Frank Mara, Movaris' vice president, marketing, in an interview.
DeMuth is a superbly crafted novel depicting the heart wrenching story of Mara Weatherall, a nine-year-old girl who suffers repeated rapes by a neighborhood boy, the lack of father and mother, and the poor living situation amidst an entirely African American community of her peers.
In our eulogy to the late New York Giants owner Wellington Mara, we did not ignore any of his shortcomings.