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a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War II

the French underground that fought against the German occupation in World War II

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Elle est rest[euro]u[c]e au maquis de 1956 [euro]u 1961.
While he kept in contact with various Maquis and French people who helped him avoid capture, he never returned to Europe.
Mais qui est ce pasteur et pour quelles raisons a-t-il rejoint le maquis pour se soulever contre l'autorite du chef de l'Etat ?
They would also arm, train, and provide supplies to the Maquis, Resistance fighting groups that would support Allied troops after the advance into the German-held interior.
The Maquis (resistance fighters) did not trust me in the beginning but after my first fight their attitude changed," the old man recollects.
40 MARKET RASEN CH4 REBEL DE MAQUIS comes into a crossroads campaign with plenty to prove - but gets the vote to get off to a successful start.
In the first part of the book the author describes public transport as a genuine institutional maquis where royal and university postal services, together with stagecoaches and mail transport services, actively participated in the organisation of public transport services.
Rene thought of his new friend, Guillaume, whose father had been in the resistance, a maquis.
The plane's mission was to parachute weapons, munitions and equipment to the Maquis of Nistos-Esparros.
En el quinto capitulo Moreno-Nuno denuncia el silencio que rodea a la memoria historica del maquis o guerrilla antifranquista; un silencio, o modo de represion y falsificacion franquista, que se perpetua durante la Transicion.
She later helped organize thousands of French resistance fighters known as the Maquis, by meeting Allied arms drops, distributing weapons and training 7,000 partisans in preparation for the Normandy invasion.
Kadjona, Metropolis and Cyclone are among dozens of discos, bars and small restaurants called maquis that were torn down, never again to throb to the Ivory Coast's zouglou and "coupe decale" dance music.
For the more energetic, a hike along the coastal path through the maquis - the generic name given to the scrubland which dominates the landscape - is a bracing challenge.
The Trekkie group, Maquis Forces International - which calls itself the first "completely internet-based Star Trek fan organisation" on the web - had created the logo for what it envisaged to be the US Navy's Special Operations Force SEAL team for the 23rd and 24th century.
At the end of the day it doesn't matter how bad I am in tennis or in my second career in business, I am still better than most people" Former tennis champion Boris Becker "In this age of air-bagged, molly-coddled, infantilised over-regulation, it can make my spirits soar to discover that out there in the maquis of modern Britain there is still some freedom fighter who is putting up resistance against the encroachments of the state" London Mayor Boris Johnson