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an advocate of Maoism

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As both the UML and Maoist Center have accepted multiparty democratic system, there is no chance of introducing a totalitarian system, which is not suitable in the Nepali context, the source said.
Baman Kunjam, age 21, was working with a Maoist organisation, since 2016 and used to keep 12 rifles with him.
This virtually turned it into a safe heaven for Maoist for the greater part of the last decade.
Friday's attack was to avenge the killing of 10 Maoist leaders in neighbouring Chatra district by TPC cadres last year, police sources said.
The explosives used were similar to that of the bombs used by Maoists, raising suspicions that the Maoist and IM may have indeed joined hands.
Nepal's previous constituent assembly, elected in 2008 as part of a peace process with Maoist former rebels, was dissolved in May last year after it was unable to deliver a permanent constitution despite receiving several term extensions.
Police also recovered an AK-47, 10 country-made guns, a 9 mm pistol and a country-made pistol, two claymore mines and 30 kitbags from the Maoist camp.
To be realistic is to say that Maoist ideology as such and as distinct from Maoist operations in their base areas is being strengthened by the poor governance in the country.
Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda, through the two mediators, demanded the release of seven rebels, Gananath Patra (CMAS advisor), Subhashree Das (Panda's wife), Kamalkanta Sethy, Sujatha, Siku Nachika (CMAS president Nachika Linga's relative), Arati Majhi and Sudarshan Mandal.
Suspected Maoist rebels on Friday killed four workers of the ruling party in India's West Bengal state, claiming they had been working with the police, officials said, according to dpa.
The ministry said the police were compelled to use tear gas shells and lathi-charge after the Maoist demonstrators thrashed camera person of Avenues TV Rabindra Shrestha.
Summary: Nepalese police lobbed tear gas and used canes to break up Maoist demonstrations in Kathmandu during a general strike.
Maoist activists in Nepal have blocked major roads leading to the capital, Kathmandu, in the latest stage of a two-week protest against the government.
A company of the BSF was camping there in view of the Maoist threat during polls, Neelmani said.
Afragile democracy is at stake in Nepal, where a Maoist insurgency has unraveled the weak political and economic threads that held it together, and the United States must help South Asia avoid the potential humanitarian crisis and instability this could cause as well as the presence of another failed or authoritarian state.