Mao jacket

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a light weight jacket with a high collar

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Lee, comes to tell Ria that a photo of a Mao jacket has appeared in Vogue.
Under Chairman Mao, everybody wore that Mao jacket, the same pants.
Linen jacket pounds 205; easy living dress pounds 115; white canvas jacket pounds 140; zipped shirt pounds 85 and drawstring trousers pounds 75, zipped blouse pounds 185 and drawstring trousers pounds 75 and white bustier pounds 29 and gaberdine trousers pounds 75; woman's sweater pounds 95 and men's sweater pounds 75; Mao jacket pounds 150.
From tea served aboard the Orient Express by ladies in Mao jackets to meetings in rooms as cold as Manchuria in winter, doing business in China in the 1970s - when central planning was the ironclad rule-was a vastly different experience than it is today.
While their parents may well have spent their youth chanting Mao thought garbed in Mao jackets and doubtless smoking Mao branded tobacco, today Shanghai's jeunesse doree have gone for a very different sort of designer label.
To compound matters, Cole affects black Mao jackets accessorized with Tibetan prayer beads, wears his hair in a ponytail and professes a Buddhist devotion to nonviolence, although he carries a credit card with a snap-out razor blade.