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Chinese communist leader (1893-1976)

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This was the year in which Mao Tsetung died and the instabilities which were the final stages of the 'Cultural Revolution' ended with the wretched dictator's death.
The only piece of onscreen exposition appears at the start, as the film explains that Mao Tsetung banned Western-style boxing in 1959; the sport made a comeback 30 years later, and now exists as one of many crowded avenues by which China seeks to cement its global standing.
It's based on the original 1987 Houston Grand Opera production and features libretto by Alice Goodman while it explores President Nixon's 1972 encounter with Mao Tsetung and Communist China.
Mao Tsetung was the master of this and did so effectively during the Chinese Revolution.
Indeed, the book is a pleasure to read, if only because one gets to visit so many old friends in strategic theory, such as Alfred Thayer Mahan, Julian Corbett, Bernard Brodie, Herve Coutau-Begarie, Raoul Castex, Andre Beaufre, Rene Daveluy, Colin Gray, Carl Doenitz, and Herbert Rosinski, as well as Mao Tsetung, Deng Xiaoping, and Sun Tzu.
Mao Tsetung invento la Revolucion Cultural para acabar con el pensamiento pequeno burgues de los estudiantes, criticos e intelectuales, pero creo Las Guardias Rojas --campesinos analfabetos-- que mataron a cientos de estudiantes y disidentes, despues de cerrar la universidad de Pekin por dos anos.