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very dry pale sherry from Spain

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According to Star officials, Manzanilla olives are the most popular green olives from Spain.
With its Spanish tapas leanings, it makes sense that the inventory contains plenty of worthwhile wines from Spain and that it includes manzanilla, amontillado and Pedro Ximinez sherries by the glass.
En La Manzanilla del Mar, municipio de La Huerta, se encuentra una extension de mas de 155 ha de manglar, donde, entre otros, habita el cocodrilo de rio (Crocodylus acutus), y la poblacion que vive ahi depende en gran medida de este para su subsistencia.
It looks like [there was] an internal revolt toward the people that were ruling," says Linda Manzanilla (mahn-za-NEE-ya), an archaeologist at the National Autonomous University in Mexico City, Mexico.
LINDA MANZANILLA * Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Commercial cultivation of mangoes has been spreading, as local families cut down backyard trees to expand their homes, says James Kam, who is raising Manzanilla and Rapoza varieties of the popular Hayden mangoes on his small family farm in Waianae.
Enrique Manzanilla, director of the EPA's Cross Media Division in the Pacific Southwest said enforcing the Right to Know Act "is a priority for the EPA.
We're responding to the strong demand for mastering services in the replication industry," noted Romeo Manzanilla, COO of digiOPTIX.
En ambas colecciones, el tema del exilio esta patente a traves de la presencia de los amigos, la familia y la anoranza del pais natal, pero Manzanilla del insomnio da el proximo paso: empieza a indagar retrospectivamente en las circunstancias/raices del exilio y en como la historia personal llega a estar intimamente enlazada a la historia colectiva a traves de recuerdos, recuentos y objetos personales.
The arbequina, the empeltre, the manzanilla cacerena, the picudo and picual olives are as dominant and distinct as pinot noir, mourvedre, grenache and syrah grapes.
And if you get fed up with beers, it is recommended that you try the local wines - Jerez, Manzanilla and Montilla are all said to go down well with tapas.
Try Vinicola Hidalgo "La Gitana" Manzanilla (about $12) or Tio Pepe Palomino Fino (about $13).
Students assigned to Biche High School have been sharing Manzanilla High School.
Un parto sin hemorragias y rapido se consigue si la madre desde los seis meses de embarazo toma remedios calientes como el granicillo, la manzanilla (Matricaria chamomilla), e infusion de toronjil (Melissa officinalis) si es nerviosa.
Our mothers heard them, of course, but they could not hate Olivia as much as they wanted; when Olivia saw them in tiendas or the market or in cool rain at the parada de buses, she spoke to them like a sister, confronted their problems as if they were hers, offered gentle advice--feed him half a banana sprinkled with Nido, a cup of manzanilla will help her sleep, cut your hair a day before the full moon--and they listened, their faces bright with interest.