Manx shearwater

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small black-and-white shearwater common in the northeastern Atlantic

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RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben, who rescued scores of Manx shearwaters back in 2011, said: "It is sad to hear that this bird had died, although it had survived for four years and the distance from the release location was 6,990 km.
Promote the colonisation of the Shiant Isles by European storm petrel and Manx shearwater, for example, through the use of call playback;
Picture of a fluffy Manx Shearwater chick on Bardsey taken by the warden Steve Stansfield
The Manx Shearwater, normally found on the west coast, was blown inland and found grounded and exhausted near Birmingham.
Manx Shearwater, a seabird that breeds hardly anywhere other than western Britain and Ireland, has attempted to breed, but every year the eggs have been eaten by rats.
The new book also features an advert for a weekend to celebrate manx shearwater birds.
Residents on the Isle of Rum in the Hebrides were puzzled when they started finding the grisly remains of Manx shearwater chicks.
Last week environment minister John Griffiths was given an image of a Manx shearwater made up of the 3,000 signatures.
Skomer is also home to 165,000 pairs of manx shearwater plus thousands of guillemots, razorbills and gulls, which rely on the sea for food.
The Manx Shearwater, relatives of the albatross, breed on the Baskets and Skellig islands off the coast of Kerry - the Great Blasket alone has one of Europe's most important populations of the diving nocturnal bird.
Lastly, one of the reasons that we have not seen mass "wrecks" of seabirds is that many seabird species are living off-shore at this time of year and that birds like the manx shearwater are away sunning themselves in rather warmer and convivial locations.
Under the current Special Protection Areas, only the nesting sites for species like the manx shearwater, puffins and gannet are protected.