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a short-haired tailless breed of cat believed to originate on the Isle of Man

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Riser A Manx cat with a few tail vertebrae that can be seen or felt (also called a rumpy-riser).
Angie Willems, of Coventry Pet Search, said: "There cannot be that many Manx cats in Coventry, so this is quite unusual.
Steve, meanwhile, who's now based in Leeds,has been recruited by Okell's to head up Manx Cat Inns to develop pubs in Merseyside and the North West.
Now he's back in Okell's flagship pub, which will pave the way for Manx Cat Inns, a new venture set up to spearhead the mainland expansion.
6 The Manx cat lost its tail after it was allegedly caught in what: a) The gates of Hell; b) Bear trap; c) A door in Noah's Ark?
Manx cats are born without tails and do not experience more difficulties in life than tailed cats.
A likely tail Legend has it that Manx cats were the last animals to enter Noah's ark and as the door slammed shut after them, it accidentally severed their tails.
Not that thereAAEs much to buy, other than motorcycle paraphernalia and trinkets paying tribute to the Manx cats (cats without tails).
And we know about the loveable tailless Manx cats, lip-smacking kippers and succulent lamb -- but did you know the island has the oldest continuous parliament in the world?
Back when the island was known for little more than the Laxey Wheel and Manx cats, a group of brothers were singing three part harmony in their parent's living room.
The Zoology boys will be glad to know that the Manx cats have tails which are practically absent.
She has four dogs and two Manx cats, who adopted her.