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the ancient Gaelic formerly spoken on the Isle of Man

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a short-haired tailless breed of cat believed to originate on the Isle of Man

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If technical expertise is a strong justification for the bishop's role, the established character of the Manx Church explains why only that community is represented.
My goals are to improve my times and positions in the individual events I have already competed in such and obviously competing in the Manx GP is a big deal.
The transmissions are also available on the Radio Caroline and Manx Radio websites, as well as Radio Caroline's own 648khz MW frequency, for the Suffolk area, which also reaches Wales in the late afternoon/early evening .
Mr King said: "This will be a huge hit for Kirkcudbright boats fishing Manx waters, which have been our traditional grounds since 1965.
344mph, which made him the second fastest rider to lap the mountain course in the 94th year of the Manx Grand Prix.
At Manx, Monolith's AssureNow solution provides end-to-end mobile service performance management and a unified high-level view of their mobile network.
Manx Telecom is a large telecommunications and IT solutions provider on the Isle of Man, offering fixed line, mobile and data and hosting services to businesses, consumers and the public sector.
That location is "nearing the end of its operational life", Manx ministers have said.
Manx Telecoms 4G data roaming service launch takes place alongside the commencement of the TT motorcycle sport event on the Isle of Man.
He will spend an intensive day learning Manx on a live video-cast, taking a shot of Bifrost hand-crafted Manx vodka before each half-hour session.
Scientists involved in the discovery now seek to learn how many more Manx comets exist, which could help to resolve debate over exactly how and when the solar system settled into its current configuration.
With EMN, which uses Manx Telecom's Smart SIM technology, when a user's signal level begins to weaken due to the limited reach of the carrier's coverage or disappears due to a natural or man-made disaster, connectivity will be automatically handed over to another mobile network that is in range.
Jam-packed with fast-paced dialog and two-fisted double entendres, Anne Manx and the darkly duplicitous Brighid, spiral into danger as they try to outwit Chief Arum and the entire planet who are literally out for their blood.
A FORMER Manx Grand Prix winner has been killed during qualifying rounds for this year's event.
Racing in the Blackford's Pre-TT Classic Road race the nine-times winner of the Manx Grand Prix and retired Holmfirth High School teacher was in competitive mood on his Aermacchi, but hit problems racing the 500 Craven Manx Norton, which broke down in both races it started.