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a hole (usually with a flush cover) through which a person can gain access to an underground structure

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The upper portion of the manway bends to the inside by liquid head.
As there was no other hoist and cage to operate, we had to take to the ladders strung down the manway compartment to reach the twelfth level, four hundred feet below.
Tank manway options include a PED certified range with working pressures of up to 8 barg, a crevice free option which is fitted with a domed, low product holdup cover and a tempered glass lid manway designed for easy product viewing with a working pressure of up to 3 bar.
shell (side wall) manway, and a frost-free vent to enhance ventilation within the structure.
Components of the system fit inside a 12- by 18-inch standard manway access opening in the pipe.
Tenders are invited for high pressure water clean; abrasive blast clean; spot abrasive blast clean; water clean and apply a two (2) coat epoxy system; replace manway gaskets; replace wet interior roof hatch; install overflow flap gate; install a frost-free roof vent; install roof painter s rail; install roof couplings with rigging clips; install bowl rigging couplings; replace dry interior and aviation light bulbs.
This allows for the lid to function like a traditional outward opening manway.
Llanged and threaded nozzles are provided, as well as an elliptical manway.
Features include: 4,200 gallon body; grade 50 material; larger than average 25-inch manway on top and also on the bottom rear; primary and secondary shutoffs; equipped with full-length rubber longsils; galvanized or stainless tube trays; optional catwalk on top; and optional Vac kits (mounted or shipped loose).
The new tanks also have all the normal features such as manway safety switches, hygienic non-splashing Cleaning-In-Place vents, removable spray balls, sealed agitator and adjustable legs.
On its own, the basic blending module is a heavy duty, high quality, powerful blender, utilizing a low maintenance double mechanical seal, a removable manway dump grid, a combination filter and vent, and a CIP spray ball.
Two 16-ft sections of pipe were removed and replacement pipe and a separate steel closure piece were installed with an access manway.
The turbine exhaust bearing also has a manway access inside the exhaust casing for visual inspection up to the first row of turbine vanes and blades.
The flex-lance system can be passed through an 18" manway at the waterbox or header; once set up a technician can coat full-length tubes to 60' in length.