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It is that coal tar that remains underground including former manufactured gas plant structures and foundations and the cleanup activities include excavation and off-site disposal of some 760 cubic yards of surface and subsurface soil.
Recently, VeruTEK conducted tests of its S-ISCO(TM) process on coal tar from a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site to demonstrate the application of the UPLC/MS method and other state-of-the-art techniques.
The Superfund Phase II pilot project, aimed at demonstrating the practicality of using a wet-dredge method of removing contaminants from the nearshore lake bottom near the site of an old manufactured gas plant is on time and working well, says Xcel Energy's Construction Manager Thomas E.
a full service environmental consulting, engineering and remediation firm has been awarded the initial remediation phase at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site located in Brooklyn, NY.
Mind you, the site was home to a manufactured gas plant that operated there from 1870 to 1969.
this year is to change federal hazardous waste and "Superfund" regulations to make it easier and less expensive for companies to manage, clean up and redevelop manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites.
Saroff comes to VeruTEK from CH2M Hill, a global leader in full-service engineering, consulting, construction, and operations, where he served as the Northeast Region Site Management Practice Lead and Principal Technologist/Technical Director and Global Subject Matter Expert for petroleum and manufactured gas plant site remediation.
The site was used for textile dyeing, manufactured gas plant operations, metal plating, ammunition production, chemical manufacturing and other businesses between 1832 and 1985.
The Removal Action for the Iowa-Nebraska Light & Power Former Manufactured Gas Plant Superfund Site will begin on Jan.
A manufactured gas plant operated on the property from 1870 to 1969.
A manufactured gas plant site in Columbus, Georgia, was the location of an environmental cleanup in 1992.
During the second quarter VeruTEK began implementing four such field projects, including remediation of subsurface coal tar at former two manufactured gas plant sites; oils at a paper company; and chlorinated solvents, and legacy MTBE from gasoline and other petroleum products from historical spills from underground tanks.
According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the coal-tar currently festering beneath 50 Kent was left behind by the Williamsburg Works Manufactured Gas Plant, which operated on the site from 1850 until 1930, and an NYC Department of Sanitation Garage, which operated there until 2000.
As a result, the city has had discussions with state environmental officials about the possibility of receiving remediation money for the property, once the home of a manufactured gas plant.
OB) announced today that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has accepted the Surfactant-Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO(TM)) Pilot Test Report and approved the use of S-ISCO(TM), an innovative, green remediation technology, at a former Manufactured Gas Plant site in Bay Shore, New York.
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