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Demolition of the former manufactured gas plant was completed in 1975, but residuals from those operations have seeped below the ground surface.
Mind you, the site was home to a manufactured gas plant that operated there from 1870 to 1969.
Berks County Anthony Rymar - UGI-PNG former Water Street Manufactured Gas Plant
this year is to change federal hazardous waste and "Superfund" regulations to make it easier and less expensive for companies to manage, clean up and redevelop manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites.
During the second quarter VeruTEK began implementing four such field projects, including remediation of subsurface coal tar at former two manufactured gas plant sites; oils at a paper company; and chlorinated solvents, and legacy MTBE from gasoline and other petroleum products from historical spills from underground tanks.
As a result, the city has had discussions with state environmental officials about the possibility of receiving remediation money for the property, once the home of a manufactured gas plant.
He has more than 25 years of experience in environmental engineering and consulting and is considered an expert in environmental and remediation services applied to freight and transit rail, former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites, and a variety of energy, industrial and institutional settings.
A manufactured gas plant site in Columbus, Georgia, was the location of an environmental cleanup in 1992.
OB) announced today that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has accepted the Surfactant-Enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO(TM)) Pilot Test Report and approved the use of S-ISCO(TM), an innovative, green remediation technology, at a former Manufactured Gas Plant site in Bay Shore, New York.
1 million annually due to increased operations and maintenance costs and to complete the company's remediation of manufactured gas plant ("MGP") sites in South Dakota.
The City of Bangor had alleged that Citizens is solely responsible for the costs of cleaning up environmental contamination in the Penobscot River alleged to have resulted from the operation of a manufactured gas plant owned by Citizens from 1948 until 1963.
Committing $50 million annually to continue the environmental clean-up of manufactured gas plant and other sites in cooperation with the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).
Regarding natural gas cost control, Kyto said that Wisconsin Public Service has reduced its costs to environmentally remediate old manufactured gas plant sites in 2009 and 2010 by successfully pursuing insurance recoveries.
All four projects were selected for an award: -- Fort Collins (Colorado) SmartTrips Carpooling Program -- Diamond Award (This project was also selected as one of the finalists to represent ACEC NY in the national competition, with judging to take place in May) -- Steel Winds Waterfront Wind Farm (Lackawanna, NY) -- Gold Award -- Fourth Street (Buffalo, NY) Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation Project -- Gold Award -- Hudson River PCB Cleanup Facility Siting -- Platinum Award
Atmos Energy used Open-path Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy -- dubbed the eye that never sleeps -- to monitor air quality during a month-long remediation of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site.
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