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fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes

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WORLD MANUFACTURED FIBER SUPPLY (thousand metric tons) % Annual Growth Item 1990 2000 2005 00/90 00/05 World Textile Fiber Production 20544 34203 44300 5.
Continuing established trends seen over the past decade, China will increase its share of manufactured fiber production.
Manufactured fibers are defined as: cellulosic -- rayon, acetate and triacetate derived from naturally occurring cellulose; and synthetic -- nylon, polyester, olefins and acrylic -- made from petrochemical feedstock.
Item 1989 1998 2003 World Manufactured Fiber Production 20467 29434 37800 China 1592 4895 7626 United States 4167 4738 5415 Western Europe 4160 4110 4548 Taiwan 1759 3294 3856 South Korea 1250 2505 3099 Rest of World 7539 9892 13256 % Annual Growth Item 98/89 03/98 World Manufactured Fiber Production 4.
It was presumably the reduced profitability of manufactured fibers which led DuPont, the industry leader for decades, to sell off most of its fiber business and devote its efforts to products yielding profits more in line with the company's criteria for return on investment.
PPG and Nan Ya have jointly manufactured fiber glass in Asia since 1991.
Based on this decision, PLA will now be defined as such: "A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is composed of at least 85% by weight of lactic acid ester units derived from naturally occurring sugars.
A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is composed of typically petroleum-based compounds such as polyisoprene or neoprene.
The application is based on the Federal Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, which requires that the FTC approve any new manufactured fiber before it can be marketed in the U.
The plant has already successfully operated at full capacity and in a trouble-free manner for the past months, and the quality of the manufactured fibers fulfills our high expectations," says CEO Peter Untersperger.
Fiber optics is discussed next in chapters on transmission characteristics of step-index optical fibers, input and output characteristics of weakly guiding step-index fibers, birefringence in single-mode fibers, and manufactured fibers.
Market sizes for the cellulosic organic fiber manufacturing industry are: rayon, acetate, and lyocell manufactured fibers (98.
Permission for the use of new generic names for manufactured fibers if the name and fiber are recognized by an "international standards-setting organization.
The Hoechst Group is a major worldwide producer of chemicals, manufactured fibers for textile and industrial uses, engineering plastics and advanced materials, polyester film, printing and proofing systems, dyes and pigments, pharmaceuticals, and animal health and crop protection products.
The book, which is now in its seventh edition, has been updated and expanded for the first time in nine years to include recent developments in fiber-forming polymers, new commercially manufactured fibers, high performance fibers, textile equipment advances and new applications for textile materials.
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