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fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes

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World production for manufactured fibers is forecast to increase 5.
The quizzes should include practical skills questions such as distinguishing natural from manufactured fibers and vegetable and animal fibers, making qualitative PLM observations, etc.
The report weighs a variety of market trends in reaching the conclusion that manufactured fibers will continue to grow at the expense of natural fibers.
Technological innovations in performance and aesthetic characteristics will stimulate demand for manufactured fibers.
The test fibers should include natural and manufactured fibers.
While winning this designation is a major accomplishment, however, it still remains to be seen if PLA is destined to become the next "big thing" in the world of manufactured fibers.
A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% of a segmented polyurethane (FTC definition).
In addition, Teijin has proposed that the following definition be applied: "a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polymer in which at least 50% of the polymer is composed of aliphatic polyether and at least 35% of the polymer is composed of polyester.
22-1 Composition and Physical Construction of Natural and Manufactured Fiber Cordage
Chapter 11 Manufactured Fiber Examination - Optical 11
The plant has already successfully operated at full capacity and in a trouble-free manner for the past months, and the quality of the manufactured fibers fulfills our high expectations," says CEO Peter Untersperger.
Fiber optics is discussed next in chapters on transmission characteristics of step-index optical fibers, input and output characteristics of weakly guiding step-index fibers, birefringence in single-mode fibers, and manufactured fibers.
This training program utilizes the general classification scheme of natural versus manufactured fibers, and is further organized around the concepts of how fibers and textiles are identified and compared.
LONDON -- Global demand for manufactured fibers is forecast to rise 4.
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