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the upper part of the breastbone

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There is a broad variation in the severity of this deformity, ranging from a simple notch in the mucosa to complete cleavage of the lower lip involving the tongue, chin, mandible, neck, and manubrium sterni.
The SMD was determined as the straight distance between the upper border of the manubrium sterni and the body point of the sternum while the patients in sitting position with the head fully extended and with the mouth closed.
They arise from the anterolateral surface of the manubrium sterni and the medial third of the superior surface of the clavicle, respectively (1).
The mass was abutting the major mediastinal vessels, overlying the manubrium sterni and chest wall, and was associated with bilateral pleural effusion.
The chin to manubrium sterni distance was measured as 5 cm, occiput to wall distance as 9 cm, chest expansion as 2 cm, hand to floor distance as 5 cm, dorsal Schober as 1 cm, and the modified lumbar Schober as 3 cm.
Manubrium sterni stress fracture: an unusual complication of non-contact sport.