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loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries

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Diana came to Rome with another more direct and immediately useful literary reference from the Mantuan court.
Diana's father was spoken of highly by other artists as well as by Mantuan intellectuals like Arrivabene.
Granvelle seems to have found nothing offensive about the incident and went on to order more drawn copies of Mantuan sculptures and drawings.
He was concerned about his son's career and was eager, through his relatively autonomous enterprise of engraving, to make connections that would work to Adamo's advantage in the future and provide opportunity beyond the immediate prospects of the Mantuan court.
The Volterran designer had been brought to Guastalla (one of the satellite dukedoms of the Mantuan court) by Cesare Gonzaga in the mid 1560s, where he earned a yearly salary as appointed architect-designer-engineer for the Gonzaga-ruled city and the court.
The grandly illustrated house facade was one public representation of its occupants' aspirations for which the aristocratic tastes of the Gonzaga were successfully imported; Diana's engravings of Mantuan paintings were another.
Whatever else her dowry may have included - and there is no evidence that it would have included much money - Diana brought to the marriage her skill in reproductive engraving, her access to Mantuan drawings, her small but memorable fame as a female engraver, and her familiarity with courtly behavior.
45) Like the frescoes and stucco friezes Giulio Romano designed for the Palazzo Te, and like the paintings Bertani designed for the Mantuan churches, it was probably executed by another painter who managed - mostly via the saturated color of a crimson robe, glowing milkily against the umber shadow of a sheltering cave - to produce a somewhat moving, if safely didactic, devotional picture.