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Synonyms for dressmaker


Synonyms for dressmaker

someone who makes or mends dresses

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Fashion magazines at this time were not illustrating styles set by designers or manufacturers as in our day (aside from the occasional promotion of various mantua-makers, most often by Mr.
In the same year Mrs Leverton (presumably his wife) charged the theatre 53 [pounds sterling] for her services as a mantua-maker (Covent Garden Theatre Accounts 1766-67 ff.
20) Mantua-makers such as Mrs Leverton were occasionally hired, at times billing Covent Garden for as much as 54 [pounds sterling] (Covent Garden Theatre Accounts 1768-69 f.
Yard goods would have been worked up into costumes by in-house tailors and mantua-makers, but many costumes were bought as ready-made clothes as well.
Socially, as geographically, Burney provides a cross-section, as Juliet subsumes her aristocratic birthright in the various roles of actress, musician, seamstress, mantua-maker, haberdasher, "humble lady companion, and rural laborer.
Hart, the mantua-maker, brings not pleasure but a qualm: "However respectable reason and justice render pecuniary emolument, where honorably earned, there is something indefinable, which stands between spirit and delicacy, that makes the first reception of money, .
For the Sublime Porte, and her mantua-makers for the Blue Beards of Constantinople?
A final chapter on women revisits Stansell's discussions of domestics and mantua-makers while contrasting republican women with black and white brothel-keepers and prostitutes.