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Synonyms for dressmaker


Synonyms for dressmaker

someone who makes or mends dresses

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Socially, as geographically, Burney provides a cross-section, as Juliet subsumes her aristocratic birthright in the various roles of actress, musician, seamstress, mantua-maker, haberdasher, "humble lady companion, and rural laborer.
Hart, the mantua-maker, brings not pleasure but a qualm: "However respectable reason and justice render pecuniary emolument, where honorably earned, there is something indefinable, which stands between spirit and delicacy, that makes the first reception of money, .
And with horrifying specificity Burney does indeed chronicle the poor female's pains in the different employments Juliet undertakes: the casual arrogance with which the upper classes dismiss the talents and the qualifications of the music teacher and performer; the thoughtless disregard by ladies of fashion for the labor and inconveniences they force on the mantua-makers and sisters of the needle"; the slavery thrust upon the lady companion.
Employed as a mantua-maker at the theatre since 1780, she appears to have been in charge of the women's wardrobe from 1794 through to 1815 (Highfill, Burnim & Langhans 12: 301-02).
In the same year Mrs Leverton (presumably his wife) charged the theatre 53 [pounds sterling] for her services as a mantua-maker (Covent Garden Theatre Accounts 1766-67 ff.