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a commonly repeated word or phrase

(Sanskrit) literally a 'sacred utterance' in Vedism

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There are many definitions for the word Mantra such as "coming from the Sanskrit for a sacred message or text" and "a word or phrase or sound repeated to help with concentration in meditation".
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The word sacred is broadly defined by social scientists as that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of veneration, so what makes the mantra sacred is its intimate association with saints, mystics, or other spiritual masters, teachers, and traditions.
When you look death in the eye, or even when you are already deceased, Yasamota can tattoo a prayer or mantra on your body.
For me, I like to match mantras to what I'm experiencing or dealing with at the moment.
insists that a properly religious reading of these mantras requires thorough immersion in Srivaisnava commentarial traditions, and the bulk of the volume is taken up with summary and exposition of the prominent commentator Vedanta Desika (1268-1369).
Apart from locating the mantras within their context and painstakingly unpacking the wealth of insights that dwell in each syllabus and phrase, Clooney attempts, with evident sincerity, not just to find easy parallels or quick resonances with the Christian tradition but also to bring the mantras into dialog with Christian understandings of the truth of God.
Mantras can be basically divided in two categories: kanthika (throated) and ajapa (non-uttered).
Scientists claim an ancient Latin prayer has the same effect as working out or chanting the mantras favoured by stars such as Geri Halliwell.
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Mantras for Precarious Times; Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times (2-disc set)
The mantras speak a universal language," they say, "and it isn't necessary to understand the words to benefit from their effects.
Commenting on the peace project singer Erin Kamler says, "We were moved to put the mantras into action.
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