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a commonly repeated word or phrase

(Sanskrit) literally a 'sacred utterance' in Vedism

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To make the things simpler and easily accessible one mean is available to everyone named as Love Vashikaran Mantra that will be the best approach for you to get your dream partner on relationship with you.
The word sacred is broadly defined by social scientists as that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of veneration, so what makes the mantra sacred is its intimate association with saints, mystics, or other spiritual masters, teachers, and traditions.
Randomized, controlled trials of meditation now have begun to include programs that used spiritually focused mantras, guided compassionate meditation derived from Buddhist Lojong techniques, and specific programs of spiritual meditation such as Passages and Sahaja yoga (Bormann & Carrico, 2009; Kok et al.
Those who study the Mantras and begin to understand them," he writes, "are thereby also challenged to decide whether and when studying the Mantras becomes also praying with them" (17).
In this book, he examines the three holy mantras of the Srivaisnava tradition--three short evocative mantras that encapsulate ways of taking and finding refuge in Narayana and his consort, Sri.
The CD's title comes from the fifth track, ``Govinda Jaya Jaya,'' the celebratory song that led De Lory to do an entire album of mantra.
Scientists claim an ancient Latin prayer has the same effect as working out or chanting the mantras favoured by stars such as Geri Halliwell.
The next morning at the auspicious brahma--muhurta--two hours before sunrise -- all sannyasins in the monastic community gather to chant the sacred sannyas mantras, as the "ghost-candidate," seated before the blazing vira]a homa fire, offers oblations into the fire of Brahman, symbolizing the burning up of all past karmas.
In Bali, as in India, mantras are the sounds of ritual; even as the gestures (mudra) that are associated with the sounds, they should not be treated as "texts.
Unfortunately, in common with all mantras, this one's strength lies more in its repetition than in its inherent truth.
Below is a short poem by an unknown author which contains a number of positive phrases which could be used as mantras.
One way I do this is through the mantras I've chosen to guide my way.
Songs on Surya Chants of Light range from 4000-year-old vedic mantras to (relatively) recent Indian hymns, some of which are part of daily modern life.
Nevada (US), April 26 (ANI): Nevada Assembly reverberated with Sanskrit mantras from ancient Hindu scriptures in Carson City, USA, on Monday.