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tuberculin (a derivative of tubercle bacillus) is injected intradermally

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1%) with positive Mantoux test with induration ranging from 10 to 32 mm.
9) It is important to highlight that oral ulcers may present a similar picture, (10) requiring a diagnosis based on microscopic findings in addition to the Mantoux test and baciloscopy.
Mantoux test demonstrated an induration of 24 mm at the end of 72 h (N < 10 mm).
The results of the C-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (C-ANCA) test, Mantoux test, and chest x-ray were normal.
Raised ESR, positive mantoux test and histopathology are the main key diagnostic aids, but at times all these may be negative thus creating a doubt in the provisional diagnosis.
6%) study respondents clearly reported about the non-utility of Mantoux test in initiation of TB treatment in adults.
The Mantoux test reaction lags behind radiological findings.
Kumar et al3 and Pandhi et al8 have observed very high rates of Mantoux test positivities in their
Screening for TB involves a simple skin test - a Mantoux test - which is examined two to three days later and will show whether someone has been exposed to the TB germ.
Mantoux test was strongly positive though she is sputum negative on 3 consecutive morning samples.
Routine biochemical and hematological investigations, Mantoux test and chest X-rays were done for all patients.
The diagnosis of PTB/HIV co-infection was based on criteria for diagnosing TB in poor resource settings where there are no facilities and manpower for mycobacterium tuberculosis culture: (a) the diagnostic criteria of TB given in the World Health Organisation (WHO) treatment of tuberculosis guideline for national programmes [5]; (b) specificity of clinical criteria in diagnosing TB patient [6, 10]; (c) Although Mantoux is usually negative in HIV infection because of loss of cell mediated immunity due to depletion of CD4 count, HIV patients who were smear negative for AAFB, but had positive Mantoux test with an area of induration [greater than or equal to]10mm diameter were considered diagnostic for tuberculosis.
The aim of this study is thus to highlight any cases of tubercular infection in order to measure the performance of two tests: Mantoux test and an in vitro assays (T-SPOT-TB).
The USPSTF recommendation to screen asymptomatic high-risk children for TB is based on the effectiveness of early intervention (14 controlled trials) and the accuracy of the Mantoux test.