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tuberculin (a derivative of tubercle bacillus) is injected intradermally

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In a child, a Mantoux induration of >2 mm is considered positive in the absence of ART.
Mantoux test, which is mostly negative in sarcoidosis, was positive at a frequency of nearly 30% in both our older and younger sarcoidosis patients.
A positive Mantoux tuberculin skin test may suggest previous exposure.
Even though all residents upon admission should undergo a two-step Mantoux test, they must be watched continually for the signs of TB -- not always an easy matter with the elderly.
Similarly, we found a slight, not significant tendency for patients infected with SIT 181 to be more likely than patients infected with singleton strains to yield a positive Mantoux skin test (OR 1.
The ID Adapter will provide an alternative to the Mantoux method, the industry standard for intradermal injection since 1907.
Passeron T, Zakaria W, Ostovari N, Mantoux F, Lacour JPH, Ortonne JP: Treatment of erosive oral lichen planus by the 308 nm excimer laser.
Until recently the tuberculin skin test (TST; Mantoux test) has been the only test available to detect infected people.
Pupils and staff at Gorseinon Infant and Junior School were yesterday offered the Mantoux skin test.
Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the lymph nodes was suggestive of tuberculosis, and the Mantoux test was strongly positive.
Kindergartners and first-graders who did not attend kindergarten in the district must have written results of a Mantoux tuberculosis test done within the past year.
Students of British economic history are familiar with this line of reasoning: it is very similar to the one used by Mantoux in his tour de force, The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century [5].
Says the CDC, the Mantoux test is the most reliable and best standardized technique for TB testing.
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