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Mantispid flies belong to the family Mantispidae of order Neuroptera.
A taxonomic key has been prepared for Mantispidae fauna of Pakistan to facilitate future studies over this group in this region of the world.
In spite of taxonomic problems which encountered this section of Neuropterology and because of existing dispute on nomenclature of some species between different authors (Kuwakawa, 1925; Poivre, 1983; Abraham and Papp, 1994; AspOck, 1994; AspOck and AspOck, 1994) study of Mantispidae fauna observed a leaping progress during past twenty years.
1 Lepidoptera Flesperiidae Codatractus aminias (Hewtson) X Lerodea eufala (Edwards) Pyralidae Palpita quadristgmalis (Guenee) X Neuroptera Mantispidae Mantispidae sp.
Una noche empezaron a emerger Mantispidae, que habian estado parasitando las larvas de las finadas avispas, y los entomologuitos nos pusimos a cazarlas.