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tropical marine burrowing crustaceans with large grasping appendages

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com/comics/mantis_shrimp) The Oatmeal , posted his latest illustration that explains why his new favorite animal is the mantis shrimp.
html) mantis shrimp see colors invisible to humans with 16 photoreceptors 6 the majority of which are used to distinguish colors.
Additionally, some mantis shrimps can see circular polarised light, which is used to create 3D movies.
There are two types of mantis shrimps, with different modifications to their front claws.
Since any solution could prove more devastating to the tank's ecosystem than harboring one mantis shrimp, "I guess we just have to keep replacing the snails and crabs until we catch the bugger," Cripe sighs.
FAST FACT: There are over 500 species of mantis shrimp ranging from one-half to 16-inches long.
The mantis shrimps in the study are found on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and have the most complex vision systems known to science.
This capability makes it possible for mantis shrimps to convert linearly polarized light to circularly polarized light and vice versa.
A MANTIS shrimp has been dubbed the "fastest claw in the North" by marine experts.
Employees at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium are taking no chances with their new addition - a trigger-happy peacock mantis shrimp, pictured.
from the giant Pacific octopus to a menacing mantis shrimp and a giant tropical shark display.
The mantis shrimp looks like a Mardi Gras parade and hammers its enemies so fast that water boils.
In contrast, the mantis shrimp sees each color separately with one of a dozen kinds of specialized cells, scientists suggest in the Jan.