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one of the three prairie provinces in central Canada

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failing to recognize that Manitobans are tired of broken promises such as balancing the budget by 2014 and not raising taxes, not respecting the right to vote on tax increases, and not recognizing that Manitobans want a change for the better;
Nelson Wiseman's "The Success of the New Democratic Party," bridges the divide among essays in the collection that focus on the conciliatory aspects of Manitoba political culture, on the one hand, and the firm exclusion of a significant minority of Manitobans from anything that resembles citizenship in a prosperous, democratic society.
5 ( ANI ): Visiting Premier of Canada's Manitoba Province, Greg Selinger, has congratulated Manitoban firms for growing their business with India, and welcomed a major Indian firm that has established its Canadian headquarters in provincial capital Winnipeg.
Overall, 4% of the nearly 46,000 Manitobans who had an initial BMD test during the study years were identified as having recent-onset heart failure (that is, heart failure diagnosed within the previous 2 years).
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) (NYSE: TM) (LSE: TYT) (TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, is testing its new Prius plug-in hybrid vehicle in Manitobans.
They say that Manitobans stay inside until spring when it gets warm, but I don't really believe that.
Representatives of some 1,300 families have gone north from Calgary already this season, including several large parties of Swedes; Manitobans from Oak Lake (a body of whom went up about ten days ago), and Mennonites from southern Manitoba; Nova Scotians, Ontarians, etc.
While the Manitobans are familiar with the prominent job provider in Thompson--Brazil owned nickel miner, Vale Inco Ltd.
Manitoba introduced its Rewarding Work program, a four-year action plan to move 4,200 Manitobans from welfare to work.
But Gary Doer, 58, is going on seven years as premier, and although the friendly Manitobans have always borne a kind-hearted toleration of the affable man, he seems bored and now has this contending rival in the legislature.
Manitoba Premier Gary Doer referred to the signing as "an historic day for all Manitobans.
The feature-film program of the third annual Local Heroes Winnipeg had a decidedly made-in-Manitoba flavour, with four of the six films either produced entirely or co-produced by Manitobans.
There's tremendous heritage; that he has left us a legacy for all Manitobans," Swanson said.
IN 1985, THE MANITOBA Labour Education Centre initiated a Labour History Series, which was intended to: "make all Manitobans more aware of the vital contributions made to the life of this province by the women and men who worked on the farms and in the mines, mills, factories, cities, towns, homes and offices of Manitoba.
But many Manitobans greeted the news with scepticism.
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