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Synonyms for Manichean

an adherent of Manichaeism

of or relating to Manichaeism

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372: Khrusantas: note that in Manichean Middle Persian and Parthian the verb xroh/xros (xros) is a more neutral "call," and the xrahxwan is the preacher.
In the summer of 392, a public debate with the Manichean priest Fortunatus forced him to reckon seriously, perhaps for the first time since his Milanese conversion in the "high philosophical" company of his Platonist friends, with "the biblical culture of the average North African Christian" (150).
Although Caanan is the son of Ham, this "curse" has come to be known as the "curse of Ham;" and while the Bible makes no reference to skin color, given this Manichean context, blackness as a curse is "logical.
For magical seconds, the Manichean world of opposites-good and evil, light and darkness, the quick and the dead, the worlds of irreconcilable opposites-stand together.
Indeed, this capacity is essential because we need to leave behind the Manichean disagreements, conflicts, and fears of the Cold War era.
At the Arab level, this Manichean bipolarity manifests itself in a dead-ended dispute between two apparently contradictory elements, one that is democratic and another that is tyrannical, or between change and stability; gradual political evolution and sudden evolution; and foreign and domestic influence.
Widespread use of expressions like "aim a bazooka at the eurozone," and "it's them or us," demonstrates a pervasive Manichean view of financial-market behavior vis-a-vis governments.
I minse the durggery, those times we shared, the moon fat, my belly fat, the interlocutor and his winsome designs which stole your heart from the knotty pine where I had placed it and like a Machiavellian or an unconvinced Manichean he slipped it into his pocket and strode forth, and danced a jig, and made a big deal in front of everyone at the lunch counter as though his love, and not mine, was to light the fulsome season and the nested delights of afterware in the cottage's divine enclosure of candle smoke and your hands.
In addition to six original essays, Renascence is reprinting ten of McLuhan's own contributions to the magazine, along with a bibliography of these articles and reviews, including the never-before published "Eliot and the Manichean Myth as Poetry," originally delivered as a speech at the 1954 Spring Symposium of the Catholic Renascence Society.
Leading software industry figures, among them Richard Stallman and Bill dates, sometimes view open-source software in almost Manichean terms: Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation, views open-source software as inherently good and proprietary software as evil, whereas Gates has sometimes viewed open-source software as a form of intellectual property communism (that's not a compliment) in contrast with proprietary software, which is an admirable capitalist enterprise.
Vampires, even the good ones, Hallab argues, act to reaffirm Manichean beliefs in a "dark other" that concurrently reaffirms a belief in a divine good.
But within the space of the colonized, the establishment of an "anti-racist racism" is an initial action that like all first actions for Fanon is mere reaction, but nevertheless a reaction (the Manichean inversion) that can be sprit within itself.
Lucidity on this point is crucial, especially in an introductory study, as Greene's religion has often been mischaracterized as Manichean and/or Jansenist, most notably by Anthony Burgess.
But catchwords and talking points reappeared in various contexts as if they were credible and legitimate, as did the complementariness and equivalences of entire logics regarding external enemies, Manichean membership categories, and the understanding of the historical situation.
Kammer shows how Downes distorted opposing street demonstrations in Phoenix, "giving them the power of Manichean myth" as he advanced the immigration vision of Arthur Sulzberger.