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Synonyms for Manichean

an adherent of Manichaeism

of or relating to Manichaeism

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Abdul JanMohamed argues that the dominant model of power relations in all colonial societies is the Manichean opposition between the superiority of the European and the supposed inferiority of the native (87).
Why, one wonders, does Book 5, the central book, begin with a Manichean bishop named Faustus and end with a Christian bishop named Ambrose?
483) has shown that the "'Kara Fish" tale is most probably a Buddhist tale which was translated by a Manichean translator, where here we find out about two elements in two cults.
Summary: Anyone who believes that foreign policy choices come down to Manichean choices between good and evil need look no further than the Ukraine crisis.
And the height of shame is that they perpetrate vindictive violence under the mask of their victim image which is tirelessly portrayed by ultra-right wing ideologues like Orya Maqbool Jan, Hameed Gul, Ansar Abbasi, Moulana Fazlur Rehman, Moulana Munawar Hassan , M o u la n a Samiul Haq, almost 2/3rd of the nation's Manichean minded population (who think in black and white only) and none other than eminent opposition leader Imran Khan and his passionate infantry of recent over 18s.
In five exhaustively researched chapters, Maurer describes a Manichean struggle between these opposing views in the writings of such figures as Maria Edgeworth, John Stuart Mill, George Campbell, Anthony Trollope, George Moore, George Meredith, John Locke, Jeremy Bentham, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, the members of the Young Ireland movement, and many others.
A recent article in the New Yorker magazine describes "a Manichean vision of border security: more patrols, heavier surveillance, taller walls" and notes that Greece recently completed an eight-mile fence along its border with Turkey.
Radio dramas, films, songs, and novels pitted the lower classes, celebrated as deserving and morally superior, against the corrupt and selfish elite in ambiguous plots that could read as conservative or subversive, conformist or revolutionary, even as they retained a core Manichean plot of class conflict.
Following Smith's (1995: 197) distinction between two moral structures in film, I distinguish between two types of conflict: Manichean and graduated.
and that den in the Pahlavi and Manichean texts is simply "religion" and was borrowed as such into Muslim writings (pp.
He wrote: "With his Manichean, black and white view of the world, Mr Blair was in his way more neo-con than the neo-cons, more evangelical than the American Christian right.
Perhaps more frustrating is the way that Coun Forbes's argument for slashing the Arts budget is fuelled not only by an absolute misunderstanding of what culture is, but by the creation of a Manichean binary between the cultural industries and essential services.
FANON'S DESCRIPTION is not intended simply to denounce the Manichean world of the colonies, but to outline the conditions of existence that can account for what will soon follow.
Lucidity on this point is crucial, especially in an introductory study, as Greene's religion has often been mischaracterized as Manichean and/or Jansenist, most notably by Anthony Burgess.
In a recently published article discussing the 50th anniversary of Fanon's death, Gibson contends that Fanon's theory can be defended by the pedagogical autonomies of the so-dubbed 'Arab Spring', the economic protests heard in the global occupy movement, and the Manichean logic that justifies the American 'war on terror' (2011a).