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a religion founded by Manes in the third century

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354-430) was obsessed with the problem of evil and his early search for an answer to this dilemma took him from Christianity to Manichaeism to Neo-Platonism and then back to Christianity.
provides an extensive explanation of Manichaeism and debases its claim to provide answers to the mysteries of life:
7) But by that time Rougemont's account of the connections between Manichaeism and lyric poetry had become an indelible feature of Auden's poetic and critical consciousness, (8) and after his reading of Rougemont in 1940, Auden could never again write a love poem without being thoroughly conscious that he was, as he saw it, flirting with Manichean dualism.
In an amusing reversal of a vulgar feminist Manichaeism, Narbeshuber quotes approvingly Jacqueline Rose's apercu that on the matter of an emergent female selfhood some feminist criticism even ends up on the same side of the tracks as that arch essentialist Ted Hughes (5).
But her deeply-felt attraction to Christianity was distorted by strong elements of Platonism, Stoicism, and Manichaeism in her personality and her thought.
At times this Manichaeism goes to its logical conclusion and dehumanizes the native, or to speak plainly, it turns him into an animal.
This Manichaeism is a hallmark of all forms of antisemitism.
Martin Butlin concurs with Paley: "the internal logic of Blake's evolution as a philosopher, together with external forces such as the failure of his earlier hopes in practical politics," led him "into a form of Manichaeism.
Similarly, there are frequent discussions of Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and Manichaeism, and their interaction with Christianity and Judaism.
Another explanation of the unholy alliance and the useful idiots that serve its purposes takes up some of the elements of Pipes's analysis and focuses on how they find expression in a form of religious Manichaeism that was implicit in millennialist communism and is now explicit in millennialist Islamism: (51)
There could be a link with Zoroastrianism and 'the particle of light' in Manichaeism, since some Alevis believe that with the lighted candle Ali is present at the cem.
Zoroastrianism, Nestorian Christianity and Manichaeism were additional Persian influences on China during the sixth and seventh centuries.
The first, represented in the ancient schools of Gnosticism and Manichaeism, is metaphysical dualism, which argues that goodness and badness are basic categories dividing reality into two realms; bad, like good, is something with a positive existence accorded equal status with good.
the reality of evil does not necessarily imply that Manichaeism must be