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a religion founded by Manes in the third century

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However, although Tom Shippey is sometimes criticized for arguing for Manichaeism in The Lord of the Rings, he represents Tolkien's views well when he explains that "[s]hadows are the absence of light and so don't exist in themselves, but they are still visible and palpable just as if they did" (Road 146-7).
Scholars from around the world discuss Augustine's Confessions, Sermons, letters, and De Haeresibus, as well as Augustine on grace and pluralism, and Augustinian oGnosiso; Manichaeism and origins and myth, doctrines and cult, and diffusion and art; the relationship between Manichaeism and Augustine in terms of doctrines, polemics, and debates; and Gnosticism and apocryphal texts, sources of Hippolytus' Refutatio, the Gospel of Judas, and modern Yesidi Gnosticism.
Manichaeism is not some rationalization for prejudice.
The danger ensconced in the christological concentration was evident early on in the proposals of Marcion of Sinope and Manichaeism that, while officially repulsed, still haunted Christian theology and preaching from time to time.
I think that the descriptions in the KN provide a unique report about how Buddhism, Manichaeism and Zoroastrianism and Islamic elements were mingled with the tale of Alexander's visit.
The influence of the pagan Manichaeism, which identified the "Son of God" with the physical Sun, gave these pagans of the 4th century, now turning over wholesale to Christianity, their excuse for calling their pagan festival date of December 25 (birthday of the Sun-god) - the birthday of the "Son of God.
The first model, based on the historical movement of Manichaeism, presents evil as having a substantive existence over and against good-- and God.
Manichaeism was a dualistic religion that posited a good god of spirit and an evil god of matter.
Though by many accounts Rabbi Glick himself is a friendly fellow, no hater, and he couches his prayer demand as "civil rights for Jews," Temple Mount Faithful's talk is riddled with Manichaeism, paranoia, demonization, and incitement to the thrill of expulsion.
In a previous CA hearing, Santiago also recalled that she had accused Soliman and "her ilk" of Manichaeism - "an obsolete attitude based on the supposed primeval conflict between light and darkness, where the most vocal proclaim themselves to be the personification of light, and their victim as the personification of darkness.
After the Tang, the Turkic Uighurs left evidence of another Persian religion, Manichaeism.
Just as Augustine's early confrontations with Manichaeism (a dualist religion that believed the cosmos to emanate from two coequal principles of goodness and evil) left their mark on the Confessions, so did his post-conversion wranglings with Pelagianism (which denied original sin and man's need of divine grace for salvation) and Donatism (which tied the efficacy of the sacraments to the moral purity of their ministers) inform his mature writings.
Because the polemic passages describe the Christian fourth century by an active participant, they are of great interest to patrologists, church historians, theologians, and students of Gnosticism or Manichaeism.
In Iran, according to Manichaeism, the main rule of religion also relies on the contrast of goodness and badness.
The traces of this revelation are found throughout his essays, his correspondence, and even his teaching (he gave a course on Manichaeism, directly inspired by Simone Weil's thought; and furthermore he edited, and had published in Polish, a thick volume of her selected works).