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Synonyms for Manichaean

an adherent of Manichaeism

of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of dualism


of or relating to Manichaeism

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It also implies that the colonial conquest was a political process with a specific history and not a manichaean contest between the forces of light and darkness.
Mug, (4) though p'scyk 'revered, honorable' seems to be a new variant in place of the synonymous [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which occur frequently in Manichaean letters.
According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica online, "The Yazidi religion combines Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian, Christian and Islamic elements.
BeDuhn, a leader in Manichaean studies for more than a decade, is producing an ambitiously conceived and engagingly written trilogy with the series title Augustine's Manichaean Dilemma.
Harry and Catherine serve as the standard bearers of a mannerly and Manichaean age: a poster couple invented to persuade 21st-century readers of the way things once were and, presumably, still ought to be, reanimating a bygone era when men were men, women were ladies, wars were against Nazis, and even cowboys and their partners danced cheek to cheek.
The Western treasures of the Chester Beatty Library include some of the earliest papyrus sources for the Bible and a great collection of Manichaean texts.
The African (native) Manichaean personality, Fanon views and describes through his psychiatric lens, tells of the universal struggle African people in the American diaspora faced since they were brought to the shores of the North American continent as slaves.
At the same time, other points of view were suppressed, and unfortunately much of what we know, for example, of Gnostic and Manichaean understandings of Jesus comes from polemics opposing these pernicious "heresies.
By examining Bush's hubris, his almost willful disregard for annoying counterarguments, the Republican candidates can demonstrate a greater level of critical open- mindedness and self-awareness -- they can show that they are not deluded by wishful thinking and Manichaean narratives.
His language is not Catholic exegetical language, and Catholics may also find a bit too Manichaean his division of the world, but what he says about how churches compromise their fundamental purpose by aligning too closely with political strategies, candidates, programs and parties is a worthy warning to all denominations and church leaders, including bishops, and all political points on the spectrum.
One: passionate, fanatical, unyielding in its attachment to discipline and duty, to the enemy of the world; Manichaean, identifying sex with the work of the Devil.
What's more important is to stiffen the resolve of GOP lawmakers to fight the Manichaean battle against liberalism.
The conflict in the novel isn't Manichaean struggle between warring equivalents; good forever outflanks, anticipates, and emploits evil to achieve its ends.
The dualist or Manichaean and Gnostic elements of the Albigensian heresy are conceived as having survived in some underground form through hundreds of years from the first Christian centuries and to have arrived in Languedoc from across a relatively immense geographical reach since the traditional area of influence of the religion of Mani and the Gnostic sects was Persia.
The internal inequalities are proof that the manichaean division of the world into rich and poor, developed and developing is inappropriate.