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Synonyms for mango

large evergreen tropical tree cultivated for its large oval fruit

large oval tropical fruit having smooth skin, juicy aromatic pulp, and a large hairy seed

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MANGO SHAKE is a collection of short stories by four authors; all four are first- or second-generation bicultural writers of Britain, three of Asian heritage and one of Guyanese background.
Weekend is publishing this third and final extract from short story anthologies, Mango Shake and Loffing Matters published by Tindal Street Press.
And every time I walk on the beach, drink a mango shake, build toys out of coconut leaves, and watch the sun set on the horizon, I am reminded of the fun and excitement of my childhood.
That was g-o-o-d," Diego said grinning ear to ear, "my first familiar food in weeks," referring to Grace Park restaurant's OMG Burger (medium rare), some eight inches in diameter and six-inch-thick, mango shake, and pecan pie.
Meetu Talwar, 28, who had served mango shake laced with sedatives to her mother- in- law in the Tilak Nagar area of west Delhi, was arrested along with five of her relatives.
Mango Shake, edited by Denjani Chatterjee, is an anthology of a new generation of Asian fiction writers and Loffing Matters, edited by Walsall novelist Paul McDonald is an anthology of funny stories.
Her in- laws claimed the accused offered druglaced mango shake to them and stole the jewellery when they were sedated.
Next week, an extract from Harpreet Singh's story Simran Kaur in Great Barr, from Mango Shake.
Jade Garden's Christmas set menu (at P15,380+, good for 12 persons), prepared by seasoned executive chef Ho Chi Kwong, includes the house specialty of suckling pig combination with three assortments, fish lips with shredded chicken and dried scallops soup, baked prawns with superior sauce on efu noodles, stirfried fresh scallops with broccoli, deepfried LapuLapu in Thai sauce, roasted garlicflavored chicken, fried crabs with spring onions and ginger, soaked seasoned vegetables with Yunan ham in chicken broth, seafood fried rice and, for dessert, chilled mango shake with sago.
Mango Shake and Loffing Matters, both published by Birmingham-based Tindal Street Press, are anthologies of short stories, a genre that is becomingly increasingly popular.