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Russian poet who died in a prison camp (1891-1938)

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Mandelshtam was later arrested and exiled, first to the hinterland and then to the Far East, where he eventually died from malnourishment and sickness.
One more method of the choice of the unambiguous solution is the method attributed to Relay providing for introduction of the infinitesimal dissipation equivalent to the Mandelshtam condition.
Asi, por ejemplo, Mandelshtam compondra un poema sin titulo en clara alusion a Stalin, el cual le valdra un destierro a los Urales, mientras que Ajmatova escribira Requiem, obra maestra de la poeta rusa, poema dedicado en honor a todas aquellas madres que hacian cola frente a la carcel del Kremlin, en espera de poder hablar unas palabras con sus hijos o familiares.
Meir s work introduces various Kiev Jewish leaders, such as the Vice President of the Kiev Jewish Community and prominent Zionist leader, Max Mandelshtam, and Rabbis Evsei Tsukkerman and Solomon Lurie and depicts the cultural and religious life of Kiev Jewry in significant detail.
In this regard too, it is again Pushkin who is consumed and restored by those who come later: by Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelshtam, Marina Tsvetaeva, and Boris Pasternak, in their poetic and essayistic texts.
He was the earliest English translator of Mandelshtam.
The film works on at least two levels: hermeneutic, directed at interpreting the Bible and the modernist texts of Osip Mandelshtam and Edouard Roditi, and polemical, pitting WA's concept of justice and moral choice against the Aristotelian theory of drama.
Besides Dickinson, Celan lent his hand to Shakespeare, Frost, Yeats, Housman, Mandelshtam, Esenin, Rimbaud, Apollinaire, Valery, and many others.
Los poetas rusos del siglo XX como Jliebnikov, Mandelshtam, Majiakovsky --los cuales tuvieron una absoluta conviccion en el poder de la lengua de la poesia para crear nuevas logicas esteticas, diferentes de la subordinacion de la poesia a la transmision de meros significados triviales-- convirtieron el idioma ruso en un cosmos de ineditas formas, quimeras y ritmos.
MANDELSHTAM, Pseudotime Schrodinger equation with absorbing potential for quantum scattering calculations, Phys.
Professor Kaplan carefully lists his extra sources, including works of Emmanuel Levinas, Bakhtin, Mandelshtam, and Celan, in three Appendices and in a plethora of footnotes.
Gorki y Pasternak, Mayakovsky y Mandelshtam, Esenin y Ajmatova asumen la poesia como un canto de consagracion del Estado bolchevique.
Tuvo una estrecha amistad con Derek Walcott y Seamus Heaney; admiraba tambien, entre los rusos, a Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova y Mandelshtam, y, entre los europeos, a Rainer Maria Rilke, a Cavafy y a Eugenio Montale.
Kar exists in a memory maze with such figures as Sextus Propertius, Goethe, Joseph Conrad, Italo Svevo, Osip Mandelshtam, and Anna Karenina, who meet and interact at their exclusive Society of International Vanity.
Early on, Celan admired Mandelshtam whose work Celan translated and whose influence, along with Holderlin, Rilke, and Trakl, is significant in Celan's poetry.