Mandelbrot set

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a set of complex numbers that has a highly convoluted fractal boundary when plotted

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At present most frequently were subjected to analysis of two-dimensional polynomial fractals, especially Mandelbrot set, made partial research and testing in this area.
For example, one could follow a path looping half-around the Mandelbrot set staying in the region of Cantor sets and one-sided shifts (horseshoes).
A unique set of geometric equations, the Mandelbrot Set, express fractal patterns found in a variety of natural and humanmade objects.
Penrose calls attention to an intricate pattern known as the Mandelbrot set.
The discovery of the Mandelbrot Set, those intricate swirling images produced on a computer by generating a self-repeating equation, demonstrates graphically how Nature appears to create the symmetrical shapes of leaves and trees and sunflowers.
McMullen, 40, investigated the Mandelbrot set (SN: 11/23/91, p.
The Washington hierarchy is, in fact, less like a pyramid than a Mandelbrot set, whose large-scale design is replicated within every component part, and then repeated again inside the pieces of every part.
Part IV provides three case studies of the integration of hardware accelerators, including a custom GCD (greatest common divisor) circuit, a Mandelbrot set fractal circuit, and an audio synthesizer based on DDFS (direct digital frequency synthesis) methodology.
The topics are periodic points, chaos in one and two dimensions, systems of differential equations, fractals, creating fractal sets, and complex fractals in Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set.
Fractals for the classroom: Part 2: Complex systems and Mandelbrot set.
AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Complex Dynamics: 25 years after the Appearance of the Mandelbrot Set (2004: Snowbird, UT)